While Theological Studies is primarily an ecclesial ministry in the Roman Catholic tradition, it is also a not for profit business. As a business that needs to pay production costs, it welcomes what other businesses can provide to help us meet our costs. We therefore heartily encourage advertising in our pages. We are most grateful for the financial assistance other businesses can offer us, while we help them advance their missions.

Note: Because of our relationship with SAGE Journals we no longer rent our subscribers list.

Advertising Information

With thousands of subscribers Theological Studies provides an effective vehicle for advertising items ranging from books to journals to graduate programs to job openings. In addition, since 1000 of the 1900 subscriptions are for libraries, your advertisements are sure to reach even more readers the world over.

For all specs, rates, and deadlines, please download the current Theological Studies Rate Card.

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Spire Advertising
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Phone: 516-729-3509