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Theological Studies, when it was founded in 1940, was aimed primarily at seminary professors and students. Vatican Council II led to a great change in how theology “is done” in the church today. At the highest level, theology is centered more and more in professional schools and departments of theology and religious studies. The journal, now appropriately ecumenical and interreligious in perspective, has therefore increasingly focused its mission on this professional audience, while still remaining accessible to theologically versed nonprofessionals.


In 1998 TS began the practice of having the current editor-in-chief contribute an editorial that synthesizes the topics of the articles found in that issue, along with other ecclesial topics that the readership might find compelling. Our consistent practice has been to post these editorials on the website as soon as they are ready, to give readers to get a sense of the upcoming issue.

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Information about downloadable content

Theological Studies is now making past articles as well as book reviews and shorter notices available for individual download, after the item has been in print publication for five full years (e.g., those published in 2008 are available for download beginning in the year 2014). Some notes:

  • Visitors are welcome to make single copies of articles from Theological Studies. Those who want multiple copies (for classroom use, for example) must get the necessary permission from SAGE’s permissions page.
  • The articles have been rendered in Adobe Acrobat’s text format, so that users can select and copy text from the PDF files (i.e., they have all been OCR’ed). But note that the process is not perfect; cleaning up spacing and even letters may be needed.

Searching for articles

The search page provides a dynamic search feature that allows the visitor to find PDF versions of past articles by entering in an author’s name, a title of a past article (or a partial title or keyword), or a volume number. Note: the search feature does not allow a search by year of appearance, but since TS has been in continual publication since 1940 (with volume 1), the simple mathematical formula, (year of publication) – 1939 = volume number, will allow the user to enter the correct volume number for the known year of publication (e.g., a year of publication in 2000, minus 1939, results in the correct volume, 61).

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Getting book reviews and shorter notices

Clicking on the PDF link for a given issue of the journal will take you to the reviews and notices for that issue. These you can then page through and/or search by typing word(s) into the search box on the menu bar in Adobe Acrobat (or your PDF reader, such as Preview on the Mac).

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If you are a current individual subscriber to Theological Studies you can find out which articles you are eligible to download at the SAGE site for Theological Studies.

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