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Burghardt, Walter J.Did Saint Ignatius of Antioch Know the Fourth Gospel? (PDF) (Citation)1.1 (1940) 2-26
Coleran, James E.The Sacrifice of Melchisedech (PDF) (Citation)1.1 (1940) 27-36
Ellard, GeraldAlcuin and Some Favored Votive Masses (PDF) (Citation)1.1 (1940) 37-61
Haran, J. P.Comments: The Sacrament of Orders (Notes on the Ministry and the Sacraments in the Ecumenical Movement.) (PDF) (Citation)1.1 (1940) 62-66
anonymousCurrent Theology (PDF) (Citation)1.1 (1940) 67-81
Kelly, GeraldA Fundamental Notion in the Problem of Sex Morality (PDF) (Citation)1.2 (1940) 117-129
Burghardt, Walter J.Did Saint Ignatius of Antioch Know the Fourth Gospel? (PDF) (Citation)1.2 (1940) 130-156
anonymousBulltein: Religion and the One God: Fifteen Years Ago and Now (PDF) (Citation)1.2 (1940) 157-170
Ellis, Adam C.Canon Law (Some Canonical Terms Dealing With Temporalities--Bona Temporalis) (PDF) (Citation)1.2 (1940) 171-174
anonymousCurrent Theology (PDF) (Citation)1.2 (1940) 175-192
Motherway, Thomas J.The Creation of Eve in Catholic Tradition (PDF) (Citation)1.2 (1940) 97-116
Murphy, Edward L.Church Unity and Protestant Missions (PDF) (Citation)1.3 (1940) 209-227
Grant, Gerard G.The Elevation of the Host: A Reaction to Twelfth Century Heresy (PDF) (Citation)1.3 (1940) 228-250
Ring, George C.The God of Egypt's Wise Men (PDF) (Citation)1.3 (1940) 251-268
McClellan, William H.The Full Account of Anglican Orders (PDF) (Citation)1.3 (1940) 269-277
Haran, J. P.The One Church and Reunion Movements (PDF) (Citation)1.3 (1940) 278-283
McGarry, William J.History and the Hierarchy (PDF) (Citation)1.3 (1940) 284-297
anonymousCurrent Theology (PDF) (Citation)1.3 (1940) 298-319
Parsons, WilfridThe Influence of Romans XIII on Pre-Augustinian Christian Political Thought (PDF) (Citation)1.4 (1940) 337-364
McAuliffe, ClarenceThe Mind of Saint Pacianus on the Efficacy of the Episcopal Absolution (PDF) (Citation)1.4 (1940) 365-381
Doran, William R.Saint Thomas and the Evolution of Man (PDF) (Citation)1.4 (1940) 382-395
McGarry, William J.Fundamental Principle in Mariology (PDF) (Citation)1.4 (1940) 396-411
anonymousRecent Canon Law and Moral Theology: Some Important Items (PDF) (Citation)1.4 (1940) 412-443
anonymousCurrent Theology (PDF) (Citation)1.4 (1940) 444-460
Lonergan, Bernard J. F.The Concept of "Verbum" in the Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas IV. Verbum and Abstraction (PDF) (Citation)10.1 (1949) 3-40
Mangan, Joseph T.An Historical Analysis of the Principle of Double Effect (PDF) (Citation)10.1 (1949) 41-61
Sullivan, Francis A.The Gates of Hell (Matt. 16:18) (PDF) (Citation)10.1 (1949) 62-64
Monks, James L.The Orthodox Churches on Anglican Orders (PDF) (Citation)10.1 (1949) 65-66
Kelly, GeraldNotes on Moral Theology, 1948 (PDF) (Citation)10.1 (1949) 67-117
Murray, John CourtneyContemporary Orientations of Catholic Thought on Church and State in the Light of History (PDF) (Citation)10.2 (1949) 177-234
Palmer, Paul F.Lay Priesthood: Towards a Terminology (PDF) (Citation)10.2 (1949) 235-250
Ellard, GeraldRecent Work in Liturgy (PDF) (Citation)10.2 (1949) 251-292
Lonergan, Bernard J. F.The Concept of "Verbum" in the Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. V. Imago Dei (PDF) (Citation)10.3 (1949) 359-393
McKenzie, John L.A New Study of Theodore of Mopsuestia (PDF) (Citation)10.3 (1949) 394-408
Murray, John CourtneyOn Religious Freedom (PDF) (Citation)10.3 (1949) 409-432
Gaetcher, PaulThe Original Sequence of Apocalypse 20-22 (PDF) (Citation)10.4 (1949) 485-521
Saunders, Daniel J.The Confession of Peter (PDF) (Citation)10.4 (1949) 522-540
Lawlor, Francis X.Occult Heresy and Membership in the Church (PDF) (Citation)10.4 (1949) 541-554
Musurillo, HerbertThe Pagan Acts of the Martyrs (PDF) (Citation)10.4 (1949) 555-564
Murphy, Roland E.An Allusion to Mary in the Apocalypse (PDF) (Citation)10.4 (1949) 565-573
De Letter, P.Two Concepts of Attrition and Contrition (PDF) (Citation)11.1 (1950) 3-33
Kelly, GeraldNotes on Moral Theology, 1949 (PDF) (Citation)11.1 (1950) 34-77
Burghardt, Walter J.On Early Christian Exegesis (PDF) (Citation)11.1 (1950) 78-116
Weigel, GustaveContemporaneous Protestantism and Paul Tillich (PDF) (Citation)11.2 (1950) 177-202
Kelly, GeraldThe Duty of Using Artificial Means of Preserving Life (PDF) (Citation)11.2 (1950) 203-220
O'Connor, William R.Natural Beatitude and the Future Life (PDF) (Citation)11.2 (1950) 221-239
Palmer, Paul F.How Does the Priest Retain Sins? (PDF) (Citation)11.2 (1950) 240-258
Burghardt, Walter J.Current Patristic Projects (PDF) (Citation)11.2 (1950) 259-274
McKenzie, John L.A Note on Psalm 73 (74): 13-15 (PDF) (Citation)11.2 (1950) 275-282
Ellard, GeraldDevotion to the Holy Cross and a Dislocated Mass-text (PDF) (Citation)11.3 (1950) 333-355
Unger, Dominic J.Cardinal Newman and Apocalypse XII (PDF) (Citation)11.3 (1950) 356-367
Crehan, Joseph H.The "Dialektos" of Origen and John 20:17 (PDF) (Citation)11.3 (1950) 368-373
Donnelly, Philip J.The Gratuity of the Beatific Vision and the Possibility of a Natural Destiny (PDF) (Citation)11.3 (1950) 374-404
Ryan, Noel J.The Assumption in the Early English Pulpit (PDF) (Citation)11.4 (1950) 477-524
Ryan, E. A.Some Limits and Causes of the Centralization of the Church (PDF) (Citation)11.4 (1950) 525-546
Weigel, GustaveProtestant Theological Positions Today (PDF) (Citation)11.4 (1950) 547-566
Musurillo, HerbertA Christian Sepulchral Stele from Tanagra (PDF) (Citation)11.4 (1950) 567-569
Rush, Alfred C.Little-known Testimonies to Peter's Primacy (PDF) (Citation)11.4 (1950) 570-576
Kelly, GeraldMass without a Server (PDF) (Citation)11.4 (1950) 577-583
Clark, Joseph T.Physics, Philosophy, Transubstantiation, Theology (PDF) (Citation)12.1 (1951) 24-51
Vollert, Cyril"Humani Generis" and the Limits of Theology (PDF) (Citation)12.1 (1951) 3-23
Kelly, GeraldNotes on Moral Theology, 1950 (PDF) (Citation)12.1 (1951) 52-92
Murray, John CourtneyThe Problem of State Religion (PDF) (Citation)12.2 (1951) 155-178
Sullivan, Francis A.Some Reactions to Devreesse's New Study of Theodore of Mopsuestia (PDF) (Citation)12.2 (1951) 179-207
Weigel, GustaveThe Historical Background of the Encyclical "Humani generis" (PDF) (Citation)12.2 (1951) 208-230
Hillman, EugeneThe Morality of Boxing (PDF) (Citation)12.3 (1951) 301-319
Moriarty, Frederick L.Bulletin of the Old Testament (PDF) (Citation)12.3 (1951) 320-342
Kelly, GeraldConditionally Rebaptized Converts and Integral Confession (PDF) (Citation)12.3 (1951) 343-353
Canavan, Francis P.Subordination of the State to the Church according to Suarez (PDF) (Citation)12.3 (1951) 354-364
McKenzie, John L.A Chapter in the History of Spiritual Exegesis: De Lubac's "Histoire et esprit" (PDF) (Citation)12.3 (1951) 365-381
Musurillo, HerbertThe Need fo a New Edition of Hermas (PDF) (Citation)12.3 (1951) 382-387
Ledit, JosephThe Eastern Schism and the Division of Europe (PDF) (Citation)12.4 (1951) 455-480
Lawlor, Francis X.The Mediation of the Church in Some Pontifical Documents (PDF) (Citation)12.4 (1951) 481-504
Murphy, Francis X.The Dogmatic Definition at Chalcedon (PDF) (Citation)12.4 (1951) 505-519
Weigel, GustaveGleanings from the Commentaries on "Humani generis" (PDF) (Citation)12.4 (1951) 520-549
Kelly, GeraldThe Duty to Preserve Life (PDF) (Citation)12.4 (1951) 550-556
Plumpe, Joseph C.Some Recommendations Regarding the Text of Tertullian's "De monogomia" (PDF) (Citation)12.4 (1951) 557-559
Thomas, John L.The Predicition of Success or Failure in Forced Marriages (PDF) (Citation)13.1 (1952) 101-108
Ryan, E. A.The Rejection of Military Service by the Early Christians (PDF) (Citation)13.1 (1952) 2-32
De Letter, P.Sanctifying Grace and Our Union with the Holy Trinity (PDF) (Citation)13.1 (1952) 33-58
Kelly, GeraldNotes on Moral Theology, 1951 (PDF) (Citation)13.1 (1952) 59-100
Snoeck, AndréMoral Reflections on Psychiatric Abreaction (PDF) (Citation)13.2 (1952) 173-189
Donnelly, Malachi J.Sanctifying Grace and Our Union with the Holy Trinity: A Reply (PDF) (Citation)13.2 (1952) 190-204
Collins, John J.Bulletin of the New Testament (PDF) (Citation)13.2 (1952) 205-219
Fichter, Joseph H.What is a Parishioner? (PDF) (Citation)13.2 (1952) 220-227
Moriarty, Frederick L.The Habakkuk Scroll and a Controversy (PDF) (Citation)13.2 (1952) 228-233
Bligh, JohnThe Prologue of Papias (PDF) (Citation)13.2 (1952) 234-241
Bourassa, FrançoisAdoptive Sonship: Our Union with the Divine Persons (PDF) (Citation)13.3 (1952) 309-335
Grabowski, Stanislaus J.St. Augustine and the Presence of God (PDF) (Citation)13.3 (1952) 336-358
Unger, Dominic J.St. Irenaeus and the Roman Primacy (PDF) (Citation)13.3 (1952) 359-418
Henry, PaulThe Christian Philosophy of History (PDF) (Citation)13.3 (1952) 419-432
Glanzman, George S.Sectarian Psalms from the Dead Sea (PDF) (Citation)13.4 (1952) 487-524
Murray, John CourtneyThe Church and Totalitarian Democracy (PDF) (Citation)13.4 (1952) 525-563
Connery, John R.Prudence and Morality (PDF) (Citation)13.4 (1952) 564-582
Bedard, Walter"Unitas sacerdotalis": The Priesthood and Its Spirituality (PDF) (Citation)13.4 (1952) 583-587
Murray, John CourtneyLeo XIII on Church and State: The General Structure of the Controversy (PDF) (Citation)14.1 (1953) 1-30
Kelly, GeraldNotes on Moral Theology, 1952 (PDF) (Citation)14.1 (1953) 31-72
McKenzie, John L.The Commentary of Theodore of Mopsuestia on John 1:46-51 (PDF) (Citation)14.1 (1953) 73-84
Dahood, Mitchell J.Philological Notes on the Psalms (PDF) (Citation)14.1 (1953) 85-88
Murray, John CourtneyLeo XIII: Separation of Church and State (PDF) (Citation)14.2 (1953) 145-214
Reed, John J.Modified Discipline of the Eucharistic Fast (PDF) (Citation)14.2 (1953) 215-241
De Letter, P.Sanctifying Grace and the Divine Indwelling (PDF) (Citation)14.2 (1953) 242-272
Crehan, Joseph H.The Sealing at Confirmation (PDF) (Citation)14.2 (1953) 273-279
Kenny, J. P.Reflections on Human Nature and the Supernatural (PDF) (Citation)14.2 (1953) 280-287
Zilboorg, GregoryScientific Psychopathology and Religious Issues (PDF) (Citation)14.2 (1953) 288-297
Frénaud, GeorgesSimone Weil's Religious Thought in the Light of Catholic Theology (PDF) (Citation)14.3 (1953) 349-376
Engel-Janosi, FriedrichThe Historical Thought of Ernst von Lasaulx (PDF) (Citation)14.3 (1953) 377-401
Moriarty, Frederick L.Bulletin of the Old Testament (PDF) (Citation)14.3 (1953) 402-429
Ryan, E. A.Cardinal Gibbons after Thirty Years (PDF) (Citation)14.3 (1953) 430-442
Hardon, John A.Karl Barth on Prayer (PDF) (Citation)14.3 (1953) 443-451
Dahood, Mitchell J.The Divine Name "'ELI" in the Psalms (PDF) (Citation)14.3 (1953) 452-457
Van Ackeren, GeraldRelfectionson the Relation between Philosophy and Theology (PDF) (Citation)14.4 (1953) 527-550
Murray, John CourtneyLeo XIII: Two Concepts of Government (PDF) (Citation)14.4 (1953) 551-567
Weigel, GustaveRecent Protestant Theology (PDF) (Citation)14.4 (1953) 568-594
Dahood, Mitchell J.The Root GMR in the Psalms (PDF) (Citation)14.4 (1953) 595-597
Murray, John CourtneyLeo XIII: Two Concepts of Government (PDF) (Citation)15.1 (1954) 1-33
Stephenson, Anthony A.The Lenten Catechtical Syllabus in Fourth-Century Jerusalem (PDF) (Citation)15.1 (1954) 103-116
Ong, Walter J.St. Ignatius' Prison-Cage and the Existentialist Situation (PDF) (Citation)15.1 (1954) 34-51
Kelly, GeraldNotes on Moral Theology, 1953 (PDF) (Citation)15.1 (1954) 52-102
McMahon, Francis E.Orestes Brownson on Church and State (PDF) (Citation)15.2 (1954) 175-228
Hardon, John A.The Concept of Miracle from St. Augustine to Modern Apologetics (PDF) (Citation)15.2 (1954) 229-257
O'Brien, ElmerAscetical and Mystical Theology, 1952-1953 (PDF) (Citation)15.2 (1954) 258-293
Barrosse, ThomasThe Unity of the Two Charities in Greek Patristic Exegesis (PDF) (Citation)15.3 (1954) 355-387
Collins, John J.Bulletin of the New Testament (PDF) (Citation)15.3 (1954) 389-415
Guinan, AlistairOur Lady as Intercessor for the Departed (PDF) (Citation)15.3 (1954) 416-430
Quasten, JohannesThe Liturgical Mysticism of Theodore of Mopsuestia (PDF) (Citation)15.3 (1954) 431-439
Bévenot, MauriceThesis and Hypothesis (PDF) (Citation)15.3 (1954) 440-446
O'Connor, Terrence R.The Visual Arts and the Teaching Church (PDF) (Citation)15.3 (1954) 447-459
Palmer, Paul F.Mary in Protestant Theology and Worship (PDF) (Citation)15.4 (1954) 519-540
McKenzie, John L.The Literary Characteristics of Genesis 2-3 (PDF) (Citation)15.4 (1954) 541-572
Stephenson, Anthony A.St. Cyril of Jerusalem and the Alexandrian Heritage (PDF) (Citation)15.4 (1954) 573-593
Connery, John R.Notes on Moral Theology (PDF) (Citation)15.4 (1954) 594-626
Dahood, Mitchell J.Ugaritic "drkt" and Biblical "derek" (PDF) (Citation)15.4 (1954) 627-631
Stanley, David M.Kingdom to Church: The Structural Development of Apostolic Christianity in the New Testament (PDF) (Citation)16.1 (1955) 1-29
Burghardt, Walter J.The Vatican Encyclopedia (PDF) (Citation)16.1 (1955) 109-119
Reed, John J.Select Questions on the Eucharistic Fast (PDF) (Citation)16.1 (1955) 30-76
O'Keefe, John J.A Recent Interpretation of Bultmann (PDF) (Citation)16.1 (1955) 77-85
Harvey, John F.Homosexuality as a Pastoral Problem (PDF) (Citation)16.1 (1955) 86-108
Bévenot, MauriceThe Sacrament of Penance and St. Cyprian's "De Lapsis" (PDF) (Citation)16.2 (1955) 175-213
Weigel, GustaveProtestantism as a Catholic Concern (PDF) (Citation)16.2 (1955) 214-232
Farraher, Joseph J.Notes on Moral Theology (PDF) (Citation)16.2 (1955) 233-269
Fleming, Thomas V.Simplified Devotion to the Sacred Heart (PDF) (Citation)16.2 (1955) 270-274
Werts, Hilary R.A Note on the Eucharistic Fast (PDF) (Citation)16.2 (1955) 275-276
Fitzmyer, Joseph A.The Qumran Scrolls, the Ebionites and their Literature (PDF) (Citation)16.3 (1955) 335-372
Kelly, GeraldPope Pius XII and the Principle of Totality (PDF) (Citation)16.3 (1955) 373-396
Moriarty, Frederick L.Bulletin of the Old Testament (PDF) (Citation)16.3 (1955) 397-413
Crehan, Joseph H.Maria Paredros (PDF) (Citation)16.3 (1955) 414-423
De Letter, P.Vi Clavium ex attrito fit contritus (PDF) (Citation)16.3 (1955) 424-432
Hardon, John A.Historical Antecedents of St. Pius X's Decree on Frequent Communion (PDF) (Citation)16.4 (1955) 493-532
Ford, John C.Double Vasectomy and the Impediment of Impotence (PDF) (Citation)16.4 (1955) 533-557
Connery, John R.Notes on Moral Theology (PDF) (Citation)16.4 (1955) 558-590
Farrell, BertinThe Immortality of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PDF) (Citation)16.4 (1955) 591-606
Ceroke, Christian P.Jesus and Mary at Cana: Separation or Association? (PDF) (Citation)17.1 (1956) 1-38
O'Brien, ElmerAscetical and Mystical Theology, 1954-1955 (PDF) (Citation)17.1 (1956) 39-66
Burghardt, Walter J.The Literature of Christian Antiquity: Current Projects (PDF) (Citation)17.1 (1956) 67-92
Musurillo, HerbertThe Problem of Itala (PDF) (Citation)17.1 (1956) 93-97
Weigel, GustaveDogma in Protestant Hymns (PDF) (Citation)17.1 (1956) 98-102
Vawter, BruceThe Johannine Sacramentary (PDF) (Citation)17.2 (1956) 151-166
Lynch, John J.Notes on Moral Theology (PDF) (Citation)17.2 (1956) 167-196
O'Brien, ElmerAscetical and Mystical Theology, 1954-1955 (PDF) (Citation)17.2 (1956) 197-218
Musurillo, HerbertThe Style of St. Paul: Apropos of Brunot's "Le Genie Litteraire de Saint Paul" (PDF) (Citation)17.2 (1956) 219-223
Farraher, Joseph J.Rodriguez and the Confession of Doubtful Mortal Sins (PDF) (Citation)17.2 (1956) 224-231
Smothers, Edgar R.The Excavations Under Saint Peter's (PDF) (Citation)17.3 (1956) 293-321
Kelly, GeraldThe Morality of Mutilation: Towards a Revision of the Treatise (PDF) (Citation)17.3 (1956) 322-344
Dulles, AveryPaul Tillich and the Bible (PDF) (Citation)17.3 (1956) 345-367
Sweeney, John F.Some Recent Developments in Dogmatic Theology (PDF) (Citation)17.3 (1956) 368-413
McCool, Francis J.Revival of Synoptic Source-Criticism (PDF) (Citation)17.4 (1956) 459-493
Crehan, Joseph H.The Years' Work on Baptism and Confirmation: 1945-1955 (PDF) (Citation)17.4 (1956) 494-515
Collins, John J.Bulletin of the New Testament (PDF) (Citation)17.4 (1956) 516-548
Connery, John R.Notes on Moral Theology (PDF) (Citation)17.4 (1956) 549-583
Tavard, George H.Christianity and the Philosophies of Existence (PDF) (Citation)18.1 (1957) 1-16
Donnelly, Malachi J."Haurietis aquas" and the Devotion ot the Sacred Heart (PDF) (Citation)18.1 (1957) 17-40
Dunn, Edward T.In Defense of the Penal Law (PDF) (Citation)18.1 (1957) 41-59
De Letter, P.Created Actuation by the Uncreated Act: Difficulties and Answers (PDF) (Citation)18.1 (1957) 60-92
Vollert, CyrilOrigin and Age of the Universe Appraised by Science (PDF) (Citation)18.2 (1957) 137-168
Stanley, David M.The New Testament Doctrine of Baptism: An Essay in Biblical Theology (PDF) (Citation)18.2 (1957) 169-215
Lynch, John J.Notes On Moral Theology (PDF) (Citation)18.2 (1957) 216-248
Ellard, GeraldRecent Research on the Mass: Mohlberg's Leonine Sacramentary and Other Items (PDF) (Citation)18.2 (1957) 249-253
Ryan, E. A.The Sisters of Mercy: An Important Chapter in Church History (PDF) (Citation)18.2 (1957) 254-270
Miller, John H.The Nature and Definition of Liturgy (PDF) (Citation)18.3 (1957) 325-356
Musurillo, HerbertHistory and Symbol: A Study of Form in Early Christian Literature (PDF) (Citation)18.3 (1957) 357-386
Ford, John C.The Legion of Decency (PDF) (Citation)18.3 (1957) 387-433
Smothers, Edgar R.Papyrus Bodmer II: An Early Codex of St. John (PDF) (Citation)18.3 (1957) 434-441
Dunne, John S.St. Thomas' Theology of Participation (PDF) (Citation)18.4 (1957) 487-512
Fitzmyer, Joseph A."4Q Testimonia" and the New Testament (PDF) (Citation)18.4 (1957) 513-537
Barrosse, ThomasThe Relationship of Love to Faith in St. John (PDF) (Citation)18.4 (1957) 538-559
Connery, John R.Notes on Moral Theology (PDF) (Citation)18.4 (1957) 560-595
Crehan, Joseph H.Peter According to the D-Text of Acts (PDF) (Citation)18.4 (1957) 596-603
De Letter, P.Grace, Incorporation, Inhabitation (PDF) (Citation)19.1 (1958) 1-31
Dyer, George J.Limbo: A Theological Evaluation (PDF) (Citation)19.1 (1958) 32-49
O'Brien, ElmerAscetical and Mystical Theology, 1956-1957 (PDF) (Citation)19.1 (1958) 50-72
Connery, John R.Steady Dating Among Adolescents (PDF) (Citation)19.1 (1958) 73-80
Crehan, Joseph H.The Seven Orders of Christ (PDF) (Citation)19.1 (1958) 81-93
Clarke, Thomas E.St. Augustine and Cosmic Redemption (PDF) (Citation)19.2 (1958) 133-164
Lynch, John J.Notes on Moral Theology (PDF) (Citation)19.2 (1958) 165-198
O'Brien, ElmerAscetical and Mystical Theology, 1956-1957 (PDF) (Citation)19.2 (1958) 199-224
Fitzmyer, Joseph A."Peace upon Earth Among Men of His Good Will" (Lk 2:14) (PDF) (Citation)19.2 (1958) 225-227
Carmody, JamesAn American Use of the Prone (PDF) (Citation)19.2 (1958) 228-236
Palmer, Paul F.The Purpose of Anointing the Sick: A Reappraisal (PDF) (Citation)19.3 (1958) 309-344
McKenzie, John L.Annotations on the Christology of Theodore of Mopsuestia (PDF) (Citation)19.3 (1958) 345-373
Dailey, Robert H.Baptism of Unconscious Dying Persons: The Problem of Intention (PDF) (Citation)19.3 (1958) 374-394
McNally, Robert E.Tres Linguae Sacrae in Early Irish Bible Exegesis (PDF) (Citation)19.3 (1958) 395-403
Harkins, Paul W.The Text Tradition of Chrysostom's Commentary on John (PDF) (Citation)19.3 (1958) 404-412
Stephenson, Anthony A.The Development and Immutability of Christian Doctrine (PDF) (Citation)19.4 (1958) 481-532
Connery, John R.Notes on Moral Theology (PDF) (Citation)19.4 (1958) 533-571
Burghardt, Walter J.The Second Edition of the "Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche" (PDF) (Citation)19.4 (1958) 572-585
Reed, John J.Permission to Read Prohibited Books (PDF) (Citation)19.4 (1958) 586-595
anonymousCurrent Theology (PDF) (Citation)2.1 (1941) 101-127
McAuliffe, ClarenceThe Mind of Saint Pacianus on the Efficacy of the Episcopal Absolution (PDF) (Citation)2.1 (1941) 19-34
Gruenthaner, Michael J.The Messianic Concepts of Ezechiel (PDF) (Citation)2.1 (1941) 2-18
McGarry, William J.A Fundamental Principle in Mariology (PDF) (Citation)2.1 (1941) 35-52
Donnelly, Philip J.Saint Thomas and the Ultimate Purpose of Creation (PDF) (Citation)2.1 (1941) 53-83
Wand, Augustin C.The Location of Constantine's Gold Cross (PDF) (Citation)2.1 (1941) 84-88
Eiten, Robert B.Recent Theological Opinion on Infused Contemplation (PDF) (Citation)2.1 (1941) 89-100
Gaetcher, PaulThe Chronology From Mary's Betrothal to the Birth of Christ (PDF) (Citation)2.2 (1941) 145-170
Furfey, Paul HanlySocial Action in the Early Church: 30-180 A.D. (PDF) (Citation)2.2 (1941) 171-197
Haran, J. P.The Indissolubility of Christian Marriage (PDF) (Citation)2.2 (1941) 198-220
Ellard, GeraldThe Odyssey of a Familiar Prayer (PDF) (Citation)2.2 (1941) 221-241
Cotter, Anthony C.Alfred Loisy (1857-1940) (PDF) (Citation)2.2 (1941) 242-251
Ford, John C.On Cheating in Examinations: A Letter To a High School Principal (PDF) (Citation)2.2 (1941) 252-256
anonymousCurrent Theology (PDF) (Citation)2.2 (1941) 257-274
Lonergan, Bernard J. F.St. Thomas' Thought on "Gratia Operans": I. Introduction (PDF) (Citation)2.3 (1941) 289-324
Parsons, WilfridThe Influence of Romans 12 on Christian Political Thought: II. Augustine to Hincmar (PDF) (Citation)2.3 (1941) 325-346
Gaetcher, PaulThe Chronology From Mary's Betrothal to the Birth of Christ (PDF) (Citation)2.3 (1941) 347-368
Vollert, CyrilSaint Thomas on Sanctifying Grace and Original Justice (PDF) (Citation)2.3 (1941) 369-387
Collins, John J.Form Criticism and the Synoptic Gospels: A Summary Study and Criticism (PDF) (Citation)2.3 (1941) 388-400
McClellan, William H.Anglican Theories of Infallibility (PDF) (Citation)2.3 (1941) 401-405
Ring, George C.A Searcher Finds only a Finite God! (PDF) (Citation)2.3 (1941) 406-415
anonymousCurrent Theology (PDF) (Citation)2.3 (1941) 416-433
McGinley, Laurence J.Form-Criticism of the Synoptic Healing Narratives (PDF) (Citation)2.4 (1941) 451-480
Quasten, JohannesThe Conflict of Early Christianity with the Jewish Temple Worship: The Dependence of the Liturgy of Israel upon the Worship of the Gods of the Egyptians according to Theodoret and Chrysostom (PDF) (Citation)2.4 (1941) 481-487
Coleran, James E.The Sons of God in Genesis 6, 2 (PDF) (Citation)2.4 (1941) 488-509
Donnelly, Malachi J.The Theory of R. P. Maurice de la Taille, S.J. on the Hypostatic Union (PDF) (Citation)2.4 (1941) 510-526
Ford, John C.Current Moral Theology and Canon Law (PDF) (Citation)2.4 (1941) 527-576
McGinley, Laurence J.A Search for Experiential Knowledge of God (PDF) (Citation)2.4 (1941) 578-589
Crowe, Frederick E.Complacency and Concern in the Thought of St. Thomas (PDF) (Citation)20.1 (1959) 1-39
Murray, John CourtneyRemarks on the Moral Problem of War (PDF) (Citation)20.1 (1959) 40-61
McCool, Gerald A.The Ambrosian Origin of St. Augustine's Theology of the Image of God in Man (PDF) (Citation)20.1 (1959) 62-81
McGuire, Martin R. P.The History of the Church from Pentecost to 604: A Survey fo Research, 1954-1958 (PDF) (Citation)20.1 (1959) 82-107
Carter, James C.The Recognition of Miracles (PDF) (Citation)20.2 (1959) 175-197
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