A journal of academic theology

Burlando al Opresor: Mocking/Tricking the Oppressor: Dreams and Hopes of Hispanas/Latinas and Mujeristas

[Hispanas/Latinas have turned marginalization into a creative space of struggle. Standing strong in our present day reality, we reach back, gathering wisdom and strength from the struggles of past generations in order to attain a liberative future. Our utopian vision is a critical, liberative, and reflective-action process centered in our daily lived experience that seeks to bring radical change within our communities and in society at large. Our historical project embodies our desires and hopes as marginalized, exploited, and ignored women. The utopian vision of Hispanas/Latinas vindicates the exploitation of our bodies—key element of our oppression. Feasibility and effectiveness are important elements of our utopian expectations keeping us from wishful thinking that does not liberate but rather supports present oppressive structures. Hispanas/Latinas claim the right to desire and work for our pleasure and happiness, intrinsic elements to all true liberation.]

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