A journal of academic theology

Farewell from the Editor’s Desk

In retrospect, a decade flashes by. So it has been with my decade as editor in chief of this journal; the incoming editor waits in the wings.

My predecessor, Michael Fahey, in his last editorial (December 2005), sketched the journal’s development from a journal aimed largely at Catholic seminary faculty and students to a Catholic research journal for an ecumenical, interreligious, and worldwide audience of professional theologians. Fahey concluded with a prayer that the journal would “continue to thrive” in this status. My first editorial (March 2006) tried to articulate a status quaestionis as I peered toward the future through a glass darkly. What struck me then was the speed of global changes that were challenging theologians to become adept at discerning how and where the Holy Spirit is actively leading the people of God—in truth all peoples—into an indiscernible future.

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