A journal of academic theology

From the Editor’s Desk – March 2019

This issue, the first of volume 80, marks a milestone. This year, 2019, is the 80th anniversary year of the journal’s founding in 1939. Actual publication began in 1940. As my predecessor David S. Schultenover will recount in an upcoming article, Theological Studies was founded at a relatively inauspicious time. The Great Depression was still underway, yet, so, too, was the New Deal. The Second World War had not yet begun, although in September, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland and a new war in Europe had started. But, in the church itself, particularly in the United States, great energy was still focused on the needs of Catholic immigrants and intra-ecclesial matters. While a new pope, Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli), was elected on March 1 of the founding year, it would take some time for his papacy to affect theological life within the church.

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