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From the Editor’s Desk – March 2020

The initial drafting of this “From the Editor’s Desk” commentary for the current issue of Theological Studies began on January 28, the day on which the Latin Church now commemorates St. Thomas Aquinas. This coincidence is one that, on reflection, I have come to consider of import for the stewardship of this respected journal that, ad interim, has been placed in my charge. The Eucharist my Jesuit community celebrated that morning triggered this thought: Is there a saint whose guidance might better enable me to compose (under a standing three-month deadline!) an apt editorial overview—that is, one that would not only effectively highlight the significance of the articles contained in each issue, but also offer a salient observation about some aspect of the context in which the task, the craft, and the witness of theology is undertaken in the world of the 2020s? For such guidance, I could think of no saint whose patronage would be more appropriate than that of Thomas Aquinas. So may the work of this journal continue to be imbued with the spirit of his dynamically probing questioning, his expansive openness to the abiding presence and pervasive working of divine wisdom, and his deep appreciation of the ordering of all things and of their entirety to, in, and by God’s love.
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