A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1947

Early Christian Epitaphs from Athens
Edgar R. Smothers S.J., pp. 700–701

The Common Priesthood of the Members of the Mystical Body
Paul F. Palmer S.J., pp. 701–704

La justification de la foi chez saint Thomas d’Aquin et le Père Rousselot
Edward B. Brueggeman S.J., pp. 704–706

Mediaeval Studies, VIII
Bernard J. F. Lonergan S.J., pp. 706–707

Newman, Faith and the Believer
Francis X. Lawlor S.J., pp. 707–709

The Natural Law
Brian A. McGrath S.J., pp. 709–711

Money is Sterile
B. W. Dempsey S.J., pp. 711–712

Katechetische Erneuerung
John J. Healy S.J., pp. 712–713

Evil and the Christian Faith
Peter W. Nash S.J., pp. 713–714

A History of American Philosophy
William F. Finneran S.J., pp. 714–715

Modern Christian Revolutionaries
C. L. Firstos S.J., pp. 715

The Relation of Religion to Public Education—The Basic Principles
Gerald Kelly S.J., pp. 716

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