A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1952

Theology and Evolution
F. X. Lynch S.J., pp. 588–591

The Old Testament Text and Versions
Francis X. Peirce S.J., pp. 591–593

Das Buch Hiob
Mitchell Dahood S.J., pp. 593–594

The Foundations of the Christian Faith
Roger Mercurio C.P., pp. 594–595

L’Homme selon l’apôtre Paul
Francis J. McCool S.J., pp. 595–599

The Epistle to the Ephesians
Eric May O.F.M.Cap., pp. 599–601

Patrologie: Leben, Schriften und Lehre der Kirchenväter
Walter J. Burghardt S.J., pp. 601–603

Patrology, I: The Beginnings of Patristic Literature
Walter J. Burghardt S.J., pp. 603–605

Saint grégoire de Nazianze théologien
Terrence R. O’Connor S.J., pp. 605–608

The Call of All Nations
William A. Carroll S.J., pp. 608–609

Das Konzil von Chalkedon: Geschichte und Gegenwart, I: Der Glaube von Chalkedon
Edward Hagemann S.J., pp. 609–613

The Theodosian Code and Novels and the Sirmondian Constitutions. Translation with commentary, glossary, and bibliography
John F. Broderick S.J., pp. 613–616

Mary in the Documents of the Church
John J. Fernan S.J., pp. 616–617

Maria im Christenleben
Clement J. Fuerst S.J., pp. 617–618

Les anges et leur mission
Thomas G. O’Callaghan S.J., pp. 618–620

De experientia mystica
Augustine Klaas S.J., pp. 620–623

Compendium iuris publici ecclesiastici
Joseph J. Farraher S.J., pp. 623–624

The Breviary Explained
Simeon Daly O.S.B., pp. 624–625

Christ in the Liturgy
William J. Leonard S.J., pp. 625–626

Adolf von Harnack
A. C. Cotter S.J., pp. 626–627

Von Nichts zum Sein
James J. Doyle S.J., pp. 627–628

Book Review
Victor R. Yanitelli S.J., pp. 628–630

Metaphysical Journal
Victor R. Yanitelli S.J., pp. 630–632

The Philosophy of Communism
Francis J. Grogan S.J., pp. 632–633

Counseling in Catholic Life and Education
Hugh J. Bihler S.J., pp. 633–635

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