A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices -December 1967

The Self-Revelation of God
John L. McKenzie S.J. ,pp. 835–836

The Dead Sea Psalms Scroll
James D. Shenkel S.J. , pp. 836–837

Record of the Fulfillment: The New Testament
Thomas W. Leahy S.J. pp. 837–839

Theologische Gründe der nichtchristlichen Religionen
Ludvik Nemec ,pp. 839–841

Geschichtlichkeit und Vollendung des Wissens Christi
Thomas E. Clarke S.J. pp. 841–842

Theological Investigations 4: More Recent Writings
John F. Sweeney S.J. , pp. 842–844

Christ and his Mission, Word and Redeemer
William F. Hogan ,pp. 844–846

Wort und Sakrament
J. H. Crehan S.J. , pp. 846–847

L’Eucharistie, Pâque de L’église, The Eucharist, Pasch of God’s People
Matthew J. O’Connell S.J. , pp. 848–850

Die vielen Messen und das eine Opfer: Eine Untersuchung über die rechte Norm der Messhäufigkeit
Edward J. Kilmartin S.J. pp. 851–852

Theological Ethics 1: Foundations
John G. Milhaven S.J. , pp. 852–855

Perspectives on 19th & 20th Century Protestant Theology
George H. Tavard pp. 855–856

Challenge … and Response: A Protestant Perspective of the Vatican Council
Albert C. Outler pp. 856–858

Paul Blanshard on Vatican II
Warren A. Quanbeck pp. 858–860

Elections in the Church
Maurice B. Walsh S.J. pp. 860–862

The Blondelian Synthesis: A Study of the Influence of German Philosophical Sources on the Formation of Blondel’s Method and Thought
James M. Somerville S.J. pp. 862–864

History of Psychology: An Overview
Magda B. Arnold pp. 864–865

The Christian Intellect and the Mystery of Being: Reflections of a Maritain Thomist
S. Youree Watson S.J. pp. 865–867

The Meaning of History
James M. Connolly pp. 867–869

The Secularization of History: An Introduction to the Theology of Friedrich Gogarten
P. Joseph Cahill S.J. pp. 869–870

Shorter Notices
pp. 869–870

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