A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1969

The Religious Experience of Mankind
Thomas Berry pp. 693–694

The Jerome Biblical Commentary
George Macrae ,pp. 694–697

The Gospel According to St. John
Raymond E. Brown S.S. pp. 697–698
I Saw a New Earth: An Introduction to the Visions of the Apocalypse
Richard Kugelman C.P. pp. 698–700
The Purpose of the Biblical Genealogies with Special Reference to the Setting of the Genealogies of Jesus
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J. pp. 700–704

Auferweckt am Dritten tag Nach der Schrift
Robert C. Ware , pp. 704–705
A History of the Church
John P. Gallagher pp. 705–707
Heresy in the Later Middle Ages: The Relation of Heterodoxy to Dissent c. 1250—c. 1450
John R. Meyer , pp. 707–710

Giles of Viterbo on Church and Reform: A Study in Renaissance Thought
Charles H. Lohr S.J. ,pp. 710–712

Fidelis Populus, Vorgeschichte Der Reformatorischen Busstheologie, from Shadow to Promise: Old Testament Interpretation from Augustine to the Young Luther
Jared Wicks S.J. pp. 712–717
The Reformation in Germany
Kenneth Hagen ,pp. 717–719
Faith and Doctrine: A Contemporary View
P. Joseph Cahill S.J. pp. 719–721

Faith and Reflection
Gerald A. McCool S.J. pp. 721–722
Protestants, Catholics, and Mary
Cyril Vollert S.J. pp. 722–724
The Future of Theology: A Philosophical Basis for Contemporary Protestant Thought
Vincent M. Cooke S.J. pp. 724–726
Process-Thought and Christian Faith
James W. Thomasson pp. 726–728

A Survey of Christian Ethics
John Giles Milhaven S.J. pp. 728–730
Responsibility in Modern Religious Ethics
Edward J. Capestany pp. 730–732
Is it I, Lord? Pastoral Psychology and the Recognition of Guilt
John F. Harvey O.S.F.S. pp. 732–734
The Paradox of Religious Secularity
James C. Chereso pp. 734–735
Religion and Change
Monika Hellwig pp. 735–737

Une Théologie de la Réalité: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Geffrey B. Kelly F.S.C. pp. 737–739

Introduction À la Théologie de la Culture de Paul Tillich
George H. Tavard pp. 739–741
Apology for Wonder
Lawrence Cunningham pp. 741–742

Shorter Notices
pp. 742–756

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