A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1970

Un Salut Aux Dimensions Du Monde
Avery Dulles S.J., pp. 735–736

Encounter with World Religions
Anselm Atkins, pp. 736–738

Man on his Own: Essays in the Philosophy of Religion
Andrew Christiansen S.J., pp. 738–742

Toward a Reconstruction of Religion: A Philosophical Probe
John J. Mawhinney S.J., pp. 742–745

Religion and the Scientific Future: Reflections on Myth, Science, and Theology
John H. Wright S.J., pp. 745–747

Projections: Shaping an American Theology for the Future
George McCauley S.J., pp. 747–750

Critical Quests of Jesus
Schuyler Brown S.J., pp. 750–751

A New Testament Commentary
John J. O’Rourke, pp. 751–753

The Mind of Mark: Interpretation and Method through the Exegesis of Mark 6, 52
Francis T. Gignac S.J., pp. 753–754

The Gospel According to John (xiii-xxi)
J. Edgar Bruns, pp. 754–757

The Gospel of Signs: A Reconstruction of the Narrative Source Underlying the Fourth Gospel
J. H. Crehan S.J., pp. 757–759

The Art and Thought of John
George W. Macrae, pp. 759–761

Early Christian Experience
Richard Kugelman C.P., pp. 761–762

Peut-on Connaître Dieu en Jésus-Christ?
John H. Wright S.J., pp. 762–764

Israel in the Apostolic Church
Neil J. McEleney C.S.P., pp. 764–766

Der Heilige Geist als Geist Christi und Geist der Gläubigen
Herbert Musurillo S.J., pp. 766–767

Menschwerdung Gottes: Eine Einführung in Hegels Theologisches Denken als Prolegomena zu einer künftigen Christologie
Joseph A. Bracken S.J., pp. 767–769

The Cistercian Spirit: A Symposium in Memory of Thomas Merton
William F. Hogan C.S.C., pp. 769–770

Nature, Man, and Society in the Twelfth Century: Essays on New Theological Perspectives in the Latin West
Thomas E. Morrissey S.J., pp. 770–772

Episcopacy in the Lutheran Church? Studies in the Development and Definition of the Office of Church Leadership
John N. Hardon S.J., pp. 772–774

The Achievement of Bernard Lonergan
Charles E. Winquist, pp. 774–776

Begriff Und Systematik Der Abstraktion
Joseph A. Bracken S.J., pp. 776–778

The Urgency of Marxist-Christian Dialogue
Quentin Lauer S.J., pp. 778–779

Judaism and Ethics
Jacob B. Agus, pp. 780–781

Three Issues in Ethics
Robert H. Dailey S.J., pp. 781–782

Abortion: Law, Choice and Morality
Roger L. Shinn, pp. 782–784

Shin Buddhism
Mary Vera Duvall R.S.M., pp. 784–786

Shorter Notices
pp. 786–793

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