A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices -December 1973

History of Israelite Religion
J. P. M. Walsh S.J., pp. 701–706

Wisdom in Israel
Richard J. Clifford S.J., pp. 706–707

The Covenant Formulary in Old Testament, Jewish, and Early Christian Writings
Kevin G. O’Connell S.J., pp. 707–708

The Virginal Conception and Bodily Resurrection of Jesus
Eugene H. Maly, pp. 708–710

What Kind of God? A Question of Faith, God the Problem
Leo J. O’Donovan S.J., pp. 710–713

Introduction to a Theological Theory of Language
Patrick J. Burns S.J., pp. 713–715

The Analogy of Experience: An Approach to Understanding Religious Truth
David Burrell C.S.C., pp. 715–717

Theology and Intelligibility
Vincent M. Cooke S.J., pp. 717–719

The Rise of the Monophysite Movement: Chapters in the History of the Church in the Fifth and Sixth Centuries
John Meyendorff, pp. 719–722

A Companion to the Study of Saint Anselm
Joseph F. Kelly, pp. 722–724

Gott Und Mensch Am Vorabend Der Reformation: Eine Untersuchung Zur Moralphilosophie Und -Theologie Bei Gabriel Biel
Thomas E. Morrissey, pp. 724–726

Discernment of Spirits According to the Life and Teachings of St
William J. Walsh S.J., pp. 727–729

Newman Et L’Incroyance
Thomas L. Sheridan S.J., pp. 729–731

Thomism and the Ontological Theology of Paul Tillich: A Comparison of Systems
Vincent G. Potter S.J., pp. 731–735

Christ and the Universe: Teilhard De Chardin and the Cosmos
Donald P. Gray, pp. 735–736

Frank R. Haig S.J., pp. 737–738

A Theology of the Earth
Robert Roger Lebel S.J., pp. 739–740

Beauduin: A Prophet Vindicated
Herbert J. Ryan S.J., pp. 740–743

The Churches Search for Unity
Herbert J. Ryan S.J., pp. 743–745

The Groundwork of Christian Ethics
James M. Gustafson, pp. 745–747

The New Genetics and the Future of Man
Robert H. Springer S.J., pp. 747–749

Private Conscience and Public Law: The American Experience
John A. Rohr, pp. 749–751

Quentin Lauer S.J., pp. 751–753

James Collins, pp. 753–754

Shorter Notices
pp. 755–768

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