A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1977

The New Testament Concept of Witness
David Greenwood, pp. 769–770

God, Revelation and Authority 1: God Who Speaks and Shows: Preliminary Considerations
Jerome M. Dittberner, pp. 770–773

God, Revelation and Authority 2: God Who Speaks and Shows: Fifteen Theses. Part One
Avery Dulles S.J., pp. 773–775

Theological Investigations 14
Harvey D. Egan S.J., pp. 775–776

The Ultimate Church and the Promise of Salvation
J. Peter Schineller S.J., pp. 776–778

Kirche als Institution: Zur Theologischen Begründung des Institutionellen Charakters der Kirche in der Neueren Deutschsprachigen Katholischen Ekklesiologie
Michael A. Fahey S.J., pp. 778–779

A Language for Madness
J. H. Crehan S.J., pp. 779–780

The Way to Nicea: The Dialectical Development of Trinitarian Theology
Leo J. O’Donovan S.J., pp. 781–782

A History of Orthodox Theology since 1453
George T. Dennis S.J., pp. 782–783

Action and Person: Conscience in Late Scholasticism and the Young Luther
James F. McCue, pp. 783–785

Teilhard: The Man, the Priest, the Scientist
Donald P. Gray, pp. 785–786

Karl Barth: His Life from Letters and Autobiographical Texts
Philip J. Rosato S.J., pp. 786–787

Vérité et Histoire: La Théologie dans la Modernité. Ernst Käsemann
Patrick J. Burns S.J., pp. 788–790

Eucharist and Institution Narrative: A Study in the Roman and Anglican Traditions of the Consecration of the Eucharist from the Eighth to the Twentieth Centuries
John H. McKenna C.M., pp. 790–792

Christians at Prayer
Christopher Kiesling O.P., pp. 792–793

A Way of Love
William P. Frost, pp. 793–795

Pope Gregory II on Divorce and Remarriage: A Canonical-Historical Investigation of the Letter DEsiderabilem Mihi, with Special Reference to the Response Quod Proposuisti
John E. Lynch C.S.P., pp. 795–797

The Exclusion of Women from the Priesthood: Divine Law or Sex Discrimination? by Ida Raming
John E. Lynch C.S.P., pp. 797–799

A Christian Method of Moral Judgment
Robert J. Comiskey, pp. 799–802

Abortion: The Development of the Roman Catholic Perspective
Germain Grisez, pp. 802–803

The Homosexual Question
John F. Harvey O.S.F.S., pp. 803–805

Daily We Touch Him: Practical Religious Experience
Alma Woodard R.S.M., pp. 805–806

Fallible Forms and Symbols
T. Howland Sanks S.J., pp. 806–808

The American Catholic: A Social Portrait
James J. Conlin S.J., pp. 808–810

Shorter Notices
pp. 811–825

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