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Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1988

The Jews in the Greek Age
Daniel J. Harrington S.J., pp. 731–732

Jesus and the Spiral of Violence: Popular Jewish Resistance in Roman Palestine
John Topel S.J., pp. 732–734

The Canon of the New Testament: Its Origin, Development, and Significance
Rowan A. Greer, pp. 734–735

Targum Jonathan of the Former Prophets: Introduction, Translation and Notes, the Isaiah Targum: Introduction, Translation, Apparatus and notes, the Targum of Jeremiah: Translated, with a Critical Introduction, Apparatus, and Notes, the Targum of Ezekiel: Translated, with a Critical Introduction, Apparatus, and Notes
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 735–739

Allegory: The Dynamics of an Ancient and Medieval Technique
Terrence W. Tilley, pp. 739–740

La christologie de Thomas d’Aquin
Romanus Cessario O.P., pp. 740–742

Why Jesus Christ?
Gerald M. Fagin S.J., pp. 742–743

From Ockham to Wyclif
Thomas E. Morrissey, pp. 743–745

The Intellectual Origins of the European Reformation
Jared Wicks S.J., pp. 745–747

The Young Calvin
Donald K. McKim, pp. 747–748

Poetry and Contemplation in St. John of the Cross
Mary E. Giles, pp. 748–750

The Story of a Life: S. Thérèse of Lisieux, in Search of Thérèse
Ellen M. Ross, pp. 750–752

People, Priests and Prelates: Ecclesiastical Democracy and the Tensions of Trusteeism
Donald J. Grimes C.S.C., pp. 752–753

The American Catholic Parish: A History from 1850 to the Present
Joseph H. Fichter S.J. , pp. 753–756

The New Dictionary of Theology
William V. Dych S.J., pp. 756–758

Jesus Risen: An Historical, Fundamental and Systematic Examination of Christ’s Resurrection
James L. Heft S.M., pp. 758–760

Christian Liturgy: Theology and Practice 1: Systematic Theology of Liturgy
Charles W. Gusmer, pp. 760–762

The Making of Moral Theology: A Study of the Roman Catholic Tradition
James R. Pollock S.J., pp. 762–763

Law, Sex, and Christian Society in Medieval Europe
Ladislas Orsy S.J., pp. 763–766

Nuclear Deterrence, Morality and Realism
David Dollenbach S.J., pp. 766–768

Catholic Identity in Health Care: Principles and Practice
James J. McCartney O.S.A., pp. 768–770

Life and Faith: Psychological Perspectives on Religious Experience
Michael J. McGinniss F.S.C., pp. 770–771

Spiritual Development: An Interdisciplinary Study
William J. Sneck S.J., pp. 771–773

Royce’s Mature Philosophy of Religion
Robert J. Roth S.J., pp. 773–7741

The Christ and the Faiths
James D. Redington S.J., pp. 774–776

Shorter Notices
pp. 776–792

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