A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1997

New Testament Ethics: The Legacies of Jesus and Paul
John Topel S.J. pp. 723–724

Paul: A Critical Life
Brendan Byrne S.J. pp. 724–726

Montanism: Gender, Authority and the New Prophecy
Maureen A. Tilley pp. 726–728

Bernard of Clairvaux: Between Cult and History
Kilian McDonnell O.S.B. ,pp. 728–729

Saint Thomas d’Aquin, maître spirituel: Initiation 2
Thomas F. O’Meara O.P. pp. 729–731

Fundamental Theology
Avery Dulles S.J. , pp. 731–733

Religion and Creation
David J. Casey S.J. ,pp. 733–734

Epiphany: A Theological Introduction to Catholicism
Edward T. Oakes S.J. , pp. 735–736

Teaching with Authority: A Theology of the Magisterium in the Church
Ladislas Orsy S.J. , pp. 736–737

Exploring Unseen Worlds: William James and the Philosophy of Mysticism
Donald L. Gelpi S.J. pp. 737–740

Karl Barth and the Theology of the Lord’s Supper: A Systematic Investigation
William P. McShea , pp. 740–741

The Coming of God: Christian Eschatology
John R. Sachs S.J. pp. 741–743

Dictionary of Feminist Theologies
Mary Catherine Hilkert O.P. pp. 743–745

After Christianity
Nancy A. Dallavalle pp. 745–747

Earth Community, Earth Ethics
Daniel M. Cowdin pp. 747–749

The Desire of the Nations: Rediscovering the Roots of Political Theology
Jean Bethke Elshtain pp. 749–751

Morality, Mortality 2: Rights, Duties and Status
Thomas Massaro S.J. pp. 751–752

Liberating Conscience: Feminist Explorations in Catholic Moral Theology
Marilyn Martone pp. 752–753

Making the Difference: Gender, Personhood and Theology
Ellen M. Leonard C.S.J. pp. 754–755

Against Liberalism
John J. Barrett pp. 755–756

For the Love of Children: Genetic Technology and the Future of the Family
Paul Lauritzen pp. 756–758

The Sociology of Religious Movements
Patrick McNamara pp. 758–760

Language, Charisma, and Creativity: The Ritual Life of a Religious Movement
John A. Saliba S.J. pp. 760–761

Shorter Notices
pp. 761–774

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