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Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 2000

Reconstructing the Society of Ancient Israel
Jeffrey K. Kuan, pp. 748–749

The Rhetoric of Revelation in the Hebrew Bible
Harry P. Nasuti, pp. 749–750

Rhetoric and Ethic: The Politics of Biblical Studies
Karen A. Barta, pp. 750–752

The Jesus Movement: A Social History of Its First Century
Gregory E. Sterling, pp. 752–753

The Honor of My Brothers: A Short History of the Relation between the Pope and the Bishops
Francis A. Sullivan S.J., pp. 754–755

Augustine’s Invention of the Inner Self: The Legacy of a Christian Platonist
Margaret R. Miles, pp. 755–756

The Cistercian Evolution. The Invention of a Religious Order in Twelfth-Century Europe
Joseph F. Kelly, pp. 756–758

Martin Luther’s Theology: Its Historical and Systematic Development
Jane E. Strohl , pp. 758–759

Images and Relics: Theological Perceptions and Visual Images in Sixteenth-Century Europe
Terrence Dempsey S.J., pp. 760–761

Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods: Christian Theology, Enlightenment Religion, and Non-Christian Faiths
William J. Danaher, pp. 761–762

Where the Two Roads Meet
Michael F. Steltenkamp S.J., pp. 762–764

Trinity and Truth
Joseph A. Bracken S. J., pp. 764–765

Systematic Theology 2: The Works of God
Stephen Bevans S.V.D., pp. 766–767

Ascension and Ecclesia: On the Significance of the Doctrine of the Ascension for Ecclesiology and Christian Cosmology
Robert P. Imbelli , pp. 767–769

Does God Suffer?
Michael J. Dodds O.P., pp. 769–770

Suffering Divine Things: Theology as Church Practice
Robert L. Kinast, pp. 771–772

Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God
T. Michael McNulty S.J., pp. 772–774

Feminist Reconstructions of Christian Doctrine: Narrative Analysis and Appraisal
Donna Teevan, pp. 774–775

The Catholic Moral Tradition Today: A Synthesis
Christine E. Gudorf, pp. 775–777

Natural and Divine Law: Reclaiming the Tradition for Christian Ethics
James F. Keenan S.J., pp. 777–779

Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence
Anthony da Silva S.J., pp. 779–780

Feminist Ethics and Natural Law: The End of the Anathemas
Patricia Beattie Jung, pp. 780–782

Postmodernism and the New Enlightenment
Michael J. Kerlin, pp. 782–783

Marriage after Modernity: Christian Marriage in Postmodern Times
Julie Hanlon Rubio, pp. 783–785

Washington and Rome: Catholicism in American Culture
James R. Kelly, pp. 785–787

Shorter Notices
pp. 787–800

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