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Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 2001

Walter Brueggemann, pp. 825–826

The Gospel of Mark: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary
Sharyn Dowd, pp. 826–827

In ihm sein und bleiben: Die Sprache der Immanenz in den Johanneischen Schriften
D. Moody Smith, pp. 828–829

The Parables of Jesus: A Commentary
Lane C. McGaughy, pp. 829–831

Authority and Asceticism from Augustine to Gregory the Great
George E. Demacopoulos, pp. 831–833

Briefwechsel/Correspondance, Band IV (Januar–September 1530)
Gottfried G. Krodel, pp. 833–834

Sanctity and Secularity during the Modernist Period: Six Perspectives on Hagiography around 1900 = Six perspectives sur l’hagiographie aux alentours de 1900
Stephen Schloesser S.J., pp. 834–836

Hippolyte Delehaye: Hagiographie critique et modernisme
Harvey Hill , pp. 836–838

The Catholic Church in Spain, 1875–1998
Mary Vincent, pp. 838–840

The World: Creation and Deification. Volume 2 of the Experience of God: Orthodox Dogmatic Theology
Radu Bordeianu, pp. 840–841

O Propheticum Lavacrum: Baptism as Symbolic Act of Eschatological Salvation
Dermot A. Lane, pp. 841–843

Senses of Tradition: Continuity and Development in Catholic Faith
John J. O’Keefe, pp. 843–845

Why Religion Matters: The Fate of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief
John H. Wright S.J., pp. 845–846

Why Ethics? Signs of Responsibilities
William W. Young , pp. 847–848

Inequality and Christian Ethics
David E. DeCosse, pp. 848–850

Life and Death Responsibilities in Jewish Biomedical Ethics
Paul Lauritzen, pp. 850–851

Natural Law and Practical Reason: A Thomist View of Moral Autonomy
Jean Porter, pp. 851–853

Sacrament: The Language of God’s Giving
Kenan B. Osborne O.F.M., pp. 853–855

The Precommunion Rites. Volume 5 of a History of the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
Paul Meyendorff, pp. 855–856

Liturgical Time and Space
Joseph E. Weiss S.J., pp. 856–858

Celtic Theology: Humanity, World, and God in Early Irish Writings
Richard J. Hauser S.J., pp. 858–859

The Catholic Imagination
Michael Flecky S.J., pp. 859–861

Voegelin’s Israel and Revelation: An Interdisciplinary Debate and Anthology
Brendan Purcell, pp. 861–863

Transcendent Experiences: Phenomenology and Critique
Andrew Tallon, pp. 863–864

Kant’s Critical Religion
Philip Rossi S.J., pp. 864–866

Shorter Notices
pp. 866–880

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