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Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 2007

Opening the Sealed Book: Interpretations of the Book of Isaiah in Late Antiquity
Lawrence Boadt C.S.P. pp. 916–917

The Social Meanings of Sacrifice in the Hebrew Bible: A Study of Four Writings
Stephen D. Ryan O.P. pp. 917–919

The Emergence of Christian Identity in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians: A Social-Scientific Investigation into the Root Causes for the Parting of the Way Between Christianity and Judaism
Fabian E. Udoh pp. 919–921

Clement of Alexandria and the Beginnings of Christian Apophaticism
Bogdan G. Bucur pp. 921–922

Five Models of Spiritual Direction in the Early Church
Mary Ann Donovan S.C. pp. 922–924

The Cambridge History of Judaism: The Late Roman-Rabbinic Period
Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski , pp. 924–925

The Earliest Christian Artifacts: Manuscripts and Christian Origins
Jean-François Racine ,pp. 925–927

The Garden of Delights: Reform and Renaissance for Women in the Twelfth Century
Marie Anne Mayeski , pp. 927–929

The Trinitarian Ethics of Jonathan Edwards
Ava Chamberlain ,pp. 929–930

Roman Catholicism and Modern Science: A History, The Creationist Debate: The Encounter Between the Bible and the Historical Mind
Michael H. Barnes pp. 930–932

Love That Produces Hope: The Thought of Ignacio Ellacuríaa
Dean Brackley pp. 932–934

Synthesizing the Vedanta: The Theology of Pierre Johanns, S.J.
Francis X. Clooney S.J. pp. 934–936

The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology
Anthony J. Godzieba pp. 936–938
Passing on the Faith: Transforming Traditions for the Next Generations of Jews, Christians,
Patrick J. Ryan S.J. pp. 938–939

Review: Eschatology and Hope
Dominic Doyle pp. 939–941

Verlust der Natur: Studien zum theologischen naturverständnis bei Karl Rahner und Wolfhart Pannenberg
Benedict Hung-Biu Kwok pp. 941–942

The Jesus of Asian Women
Jeannine Hill Fletcher pp. 942–944

The Nature of the Atonement: Four Views
Charles Hefling pp. 944–946

Memoria Passionis: Ein Provozierendes Gedächtnis in Pluralistischer Gesellschaft
J. Matthew Ashley pp. 946–948

Reformation Christianity
Elaine A. Heath pp. 948–949

Humanity before God: Contemporary Faces of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Ethics
Robin Gill pp. 949–950

Deporting Our Souls: Values, Morality, and Immigration Policy
David E. Decosse pp. 950–952

Reconciliation, Nations, and Churches in Latin America
Stephen Pope pp. 952–953

Graced Vulnerability: A Theology of Childhood
Tatha Wiley pp. 953–955

Shorter Notices
pp. 955–969

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