A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – February, 1944

The Doctrine of the Church in the New Testament
Joseph Bluett S.J., pp. 99–101

An Outline History of the Church by Centuries
Martin P. Harney S.J., pp. 101–103

The Nature and Treatment of Mental Disorders
Hugh Bihler S.J., pp. 103–104

The Missing Value in Medical Social Case Work
William J. Devlin S.J., pp. 104–105

Instructions on Christian Doctrine, Volume IV
Thomas J. O’Day S.J., pp. 105–107

The Priesthood in a Changing World
pp. 107–108

The Sacraments of Daily Life
Carl D. Firstos S.J., pp. 107

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
E. J. Weisenberg S.J., pp. 108–109

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