A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices –February 1956

The Book of Acts in History
D. M. Stanley S.J., pp. 103–105

Conscience in the New Testament
Eric May O.F.M.Cap., pp.105–107

Raison philosophique et religion révélée
Vincent T. O’Keefe S.J., pp. 107–108

The Development of the Theological Censures after the Council of Trent (1563–1709)
Edward Brueggeman S.J., pp. 108–109

Théologie et mystique de Guillaume de Saint-Thierry. Vol. 1: La connaissance de Dieu
David Hurst O.S.B., pp. 110–112

Tractatus de Verbo incarnatoTractatus de Verbo incarnatoTractatus de Verbo incarnatoTractatus de Verbo incarnato
Thomas E. Clarke S.J.
, pp. 110

The Religious Orders in England 2: The End of the Middle Ages
John F. Broderick S.J., pp.112–114

The Doctrine of the Church in Anglican Theology: 1547–1603
Kenneth F. Dougherty S.A., pp. 114–115

The Beginnings of Unitarianism in America
Kenneth F. Dougherty S.A., pp.116–117

Theologia moralis 2: De virtutibus in specie. Part 1: De virtutibus theologicis ac de religione
John J. Lynch S.J., pp.117–118

True Morality and its Counterfeits
John A. Hardon S.J., pp.118–120

Morale et médecine
John R. Connery S.J., pp. 120–122

Geschichte des Kirchenrechts 1: Das Recht des ersten christlichen Jahrtausends
Edward Roelker, pp. 122–124

Church and State behind the Iron Curtain
Serge L. Levitsky, pp.124–125

T L’Eglise en état de mission
Ernest V. McClear S.J. .pp.126–127

Liturgical Piety
Edward J. Murray S.J. pp.127–128

Homosexuality and the Western Christian Tradition
John F. Harvey O.S.F.S. pp.128–132

The Contribution of Reason to Theology
Avery R. Dulles S.J. pp. 132–134

Lex naturae
Heinrich A. Rommen pp. 134–136

The Christian Imagination: Studies in Religious Thought
James L. Tyne S.J. pp.13617.1.reviews-notices

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