A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – February 1966

Record of Revelation: The Bible, Record of the Promise: The Old Testament
James D. Shenkel S.J. , pp. 97–98

The Apostolic Church in the New Testament
Raymond E. Brown S.S. , pp. 99–101

Aux origines de l’église
Edward J. Mally S.J. pp. 101–103

Christ’s Proclamation to the Spirits: A Study of 1 Peter 3: 18—4: 6
Joseph A. Grassi M.M. , pp. 103–105

Christ and the Cosmos
Thomas E. Clarke S.J. pp. 106–108

Jewish Symbols in the Greco-Roman Period 12: Summary and Conclusions
Herbert Musurillo S.J., pp. 108–111

Gottes Ebenbild in Geschichtlichkeit. Überlegungen zur dogmatischen Anthropologie
Thomas E. Clarke S.J. , pp. 111–112

Maria: Etudes sur la sainte Vierge 7
Eamon R. Carroll O.Carm. , pp. 112–115

Proclaiming God’s Message: A Study in the Theology of Preaching
John Haughey S.J. , pp. 115–117

The Early Christian Church
Herbert Musurillo S.J. pp. 117–119

Rex Gloriae: The Kingship of Christ in the Early Church
J. H. Crehan S.J. ,pp. 119–121

History of the Reformation
Robert E. McNally S.J. pp. 121–122

The Christian Renaissance. A History of the “Devotio moderna”
Ludvik Nemec, pp. 122–124

The Church and the Age of Reason, the Church in an Age of Revolution
F. J. Gallagher S.J. pp. 124–126

Philosophie du fait chrétien: L’Analyse critique du christianisme de Henry Duméry
James Collins , pp. 126–129

Freedom and Man
Robert F. Harvanek S.J. pp. 129–132

Sin, Liberty, and Law
John F. Harvey O.S.F.S. pp. 132–135

Morale internationale: L’Humanité à la recherche de son âme
Joseph N. Moody , pp. 135–137

Person and Society: A Christian View
Richard M. McKeon S.J. pp. 137–138

Peter and Caesar: Political Authority and the Catholic Church
Patricia Barrett R.S.C.J. pp. 138–141

Toward a Theology of History
James M. Connolly pp. 141–143

Human History and the Word of God: The Christian Meaning of History in Contemporary Thought
William C. McFadden S.J. pp. 144–145

A Contemporary Christian Philosophy of Religion
G. Michael McCrossin S.J. pp. 145–147

Group Dynamics in the Religious Life
Austin Dondero F.S.C. pp. 147–149

Images of Hope: Imagination as Healer of the Hopeless
Francis J. Braceland M.D. pp. 149–152

Shorter Notices
pp. 152–169

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