A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – February 1968

The Emergence of Philosophy of Religion
Louis Dupré pp. 102–104
Basic Modern Philosophy of Religion
Anselm Atkins ,pp. 104–106
Theology of Ancient Judaism
Samuel Rosenblatt pp. 106–108
Recherches sur le vocabulaire du culte dans la Septante
James D. Shenkel S.J. ,pp. 108–111
Das Leben Jesu im Zeitalter der neutestamentlichen Apokryphen
Robert L. Wilken pp. 111–113
A Catholic Dictionary of Theology 2
Earl A. Weis S.J. , pp. 113–115
Creation and Redemption
P. De Letter S.J. ,pp. 115–117
The Shape of Christology
Thomas E. Clarke S.J. , pp. 117–118
Review: Die Kirche
P. J. Burns S.J. , pp. 118–121
The Pilgrim Church
C. G. Arévalo S.J. pp. 121–124
The Church in the Thought of Bishop John Robinson
Raymond P. Bertrand S.J. , pp. 124–126
Summa Theologiae 5: God’s Will and Providence (1a. 19–26); 10: Cosmogony (1a. 65–74); 28: Law and Political Theory (1a2ae. 90–97); 33: Hope (2a2ae. 17–22); 46: Action and Contemplation (2a2ae. 179–82)
Matthew J. O’Connell S.J. pp. 126–129
Verbum: Word and Idea in Aquinas
Philip McShane S.J. pp. 129–131
A History of the Hussite Revolution
Ludvik Nemec pp. 131–134
Contraception vs. Tradition: A Catholic Critique
Robert H. Dailey S.J. pp. 134–136
The Just Wage, 1750–1890: A Study of Moralists from St. Alphonsus to Leo XIII
William F. Hogan C.S.C. pp. 136–137

Problematic Man
Garth Hallett S.J. pp. 137–139
Teilhard and the Creation of the Soul
John H. Wright S.J. pp. 139–140
The Vision of Paul Tillich
Vincent M. Cooke S.J. pp. 140–142
Christ for Us in the Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
William J. Hill O.P. pp. 142–144
The Divided Mind of Modern Theology: Karl Barth and Rudolf Bultmann 1908–1933
James M. Connolly pp. 144–146
The Roots of the Radical Theology, the Death of God Movement, the Meaning of the Death of God, the New Christianity, toward a New Christianity: Readings in the Death of God Theology

William A. Scott S.J. pp. 146–150
Language, Persons, and Belief: Studies in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations and Religious Uses of Language
Garth Hallett S.J. pp. 150–152
Poetry and Prayer
David J. Leigh S.J. pp. 152–154
The Mother, Anxiety, and Death: The Catastrophic Death Complex
W. W. Meissner S.J. pp. 154–157
The Relevance of Physics
Edward MacKinnon S.J. pp. 157–159
Shorter Notices
pp. 159–180

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