A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices -February 1974

Foundations of Theology, Language Truth and Meaning
Leo J. O’Donovan S.J., pp. 164–165

The Transcendental Imagination: An Essay in Philosophical Theology
Matthew L. Lamb, pp. 165–168

The Way of All the Earth: Experiments in Truth and Religion
John V. Loudon, pp. 168–170

The Phenomenon of Religion
John Carmody, pp. 170–172

Essays in the Philosophy of Religion
John P. Langan S.J., pp. 172–173

Oppositions of Religious Doctrines: A Study in the Logic of Dialogue among Religions
John P. Langan S.J., pp. 173–175

Studies in the History and Philosophy of Religion 1
James Collins, pp. 175–177

This Man Jesus: An Essay toward a New Testament Christology
Eugene H. Maly, pp. 177–179

The Politics of Jesus
John R. Donahue S.J., pp. 179–180

New Light on the Earliest Gospel: Seven Markan Studies
Schuyler Brown S.J., pp. 180–182

Luke and the People of God: A New Look at Luke-Acts
James C. Turro, pp. 182–184

The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis: Heracleon’s Commentary on John
Joseph A. Gibbons C.P., pp. 184–186

The Johannine Epistles
Aelred Lacomara C.P., pp. 186–189

Theological Investigations 9: Writings of 1965–7, 1., Theological Investigations 10: Writings of 1965–7, 2
Anne Carr, pp. 189–191

Gottes Wirken in der Welt: Ein Diskussionsbeitrag zur Frage der Evolution und des Wunders
J. Donceel S.J., pp. 191–192

Body Theology: God’s Presence in Man’s World
Robert H. Cousineau S.J., pp. 193–194

Ecclesial Cybernetics: A Study of Democracy in the Church
Sabbas J. Kilian O.F.M., pp. 195–197

Spirit and Sacrament: The Humanizing Experience
Edward J. Kilmartin S.J., pp. 197–198

Naturrecht in Der Kritik
John Giles Milhaven, pp. 198–201

Politics, Medicine, and Christian Ethics: A Dialogue with Paul Ramsey
Albert R. Jonsen S.J., pp. 201–203

The Churches and Politics in Germany
John Jay Hughes, pp. 203–206

The New Consciousness in Science and Religion
Ernan McMullin, pp. 206–208

The Hebrew Humanism of Martin Buber
Donald J. Moore S.J., pp. 208–210

African Traditional Religion: A Definition
Edward J. Cripps S.J., pp. 210–212

Shorter Notices
pp. 212–224

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