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Reviews & Shorter Notices – February 1997

Long Ago God Spoke: How Christians May Hear the Old Testament Today
Hugh M. Humphrey pp. 149–150

Old Testament Theology 1–2
Joseph F. Wimmer O.S.A. ,pp. 150–153

Tragic Posture and Tragic Vision: Against the Modern Failure of Nerve
C. Peter Slater pp. 153–155
Galilee: History, Politics, People
Ben Witherington pp. 155–156
La Sagesse et le monde: Le Christ d’Origène
Pamela Bright pp. 156–158

Ambrose of Milan and the End of the Arian-Nicene Conflicts
David G. Hunter , pp. 158–160
Images of Conversion in St. Augustine’s Confessions
Roland J. Teske S.J. pp. 160–161
Augustine and the Catechumenate
Robin M. Jensen , pp. 161–163

Dialectic and Narrative in Aquinas: An Interpretation of the Summa contra gentiles
Romanus Cessario O.P. ,pp. 163–165

Communities of Violence: Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages
Thomas Worcester S.J. pp. 165–166
Calvin and the Rhetoric of Piety
Donald K. McKim ,pp. 166–168
The Living God: Schleiermacher’s Theological Appropriation of Spinoza
John E. Thiel pp. 168–170

The Uneasy Center: Reformed Christianity in Antebellum America
Mark Massa S. J. pp. 170–171

The Domestication of Transcendence: How Modern Thinking about God Went Wrong
David S. Cunningham pp. 171–173
The Ordinary Transformed: Karl Rahner and the Christian Vision of Transcendence
Robert Masson pp. 173–175
The End of the World: A Theological Interpretation
Peter C. Phan pp. 175–177

The Thousand Faces of the Virgin Mary
Elizabeth A. Johnson C.S.J. pp. 177–178
Creative Fidelity: Weighing and Interpreting Documents of the Magisterium
Ladislas Orsy S.J. pp. 178–179
The Ethics of Our Climate: Hermeneutics and Ethical Theory
William Joseph Buckley pp. 181–183
Evil and Suffering in Jewish Philosophy
James F. Keenan S.J. pp. 183–184
Sexuality in the Confessional: A Sacrament Profaned
Gerald D. Coleman S.S. pp. 184–186

Shorter Notices
pp. 186–201

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