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Reviews & Shorter Notices – February 2005

Abschied vom Jahwisten: Die Komposition des Hexateuch in der Jüngsten Diskussion
Thomas Anderson S.J., pp. 178–179

Seeing the Psalms: A Theology of Metaphor
John C. Endres S.J., pp. 179–181

1 Peter, Jude, and 2 Peter
Barth L. Campbell, pp. 181–182

Identity and Experience in the New Testament
John J. Pilch, pp. 182–184

The Resurrection of the Son of God
Daniel A. Smith, pp. 184–186

From Symposium to Eucharist
Pheme Perkins, pp. 186–187

Order and Exclusion: Cluny and Christendom Face Heresy, Judaism, and Islam (1000–1150)
Robert J. Jensen, pp. 188–189

Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Christi in der scholastichen Theologie bis zu Thomas von Aquin
Gerald O’Collins S.J., pp. 189–191

Wilhelm von Ockham: Gelehrter, Streiter, Bettelmönch
Wanda Zemler-Cizewski, pp. 191–192

The Encyclopedia of Protestantism
D. Lyle Dabney, pp. 192–194

Spirit and Nature: The Saint-Médard Miracles and 18th-Century Jansenism
Thomas Worcester S.J., pp. 194–196

Érudition hagiographique au XVIIIe siécle: Jean Lebeuf et les Bollandistes: Correspondance
C. J. T. Talar, pp. 196–198

The Making of American Liberal Theology: Idealism, Realism, and Modernity 1900–1950
James C. Livingston, pp. 199–201

History of Vatican II, Vol. IV: Church as Communion, Third Period and Intersession, September 1964–September 1965
John W. O’Malley S.J., pp. 201–202

La teologia della storia della salvezza nel secolo xx, La storia della salvezza: Dio Signore del tempo e della storia
Michael G. Lawler, pp. 202–204

Saint Thomas Aquinas. Volume 2: Spiritual Master
John M. McDermott S.J., pp. 204–205

God and the Future: Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Eschatological Doctrine of God
Denis Edwards, pp. 205–207

Modern Physics and Ancient Faith
James F. Salmon S.J., pp. 207–209

A Scientific Theology: Volume 3: Theory
Edward T. Oakes S.J., pp. 209–210

Moral Theology in an Age of Renewal: A Study of the Catholic Tradition since Vatican II
James T. Bretzke S.J., pp. 210–212

Introduction to Jewish and Catholic Bioethics: A Comparative Analysis
Richard M. Gula S.S., pp. 212–214

Reading the Bible in the Strange World of Medicine
Marilyn Martone, pp. 214–215

Capital Punishment and Roman Catholic Moral Tradition
Patrick T. McCormick, pp. 215–217

Identität durch Gebet: Zur gemeinschaftsbildenden Funktion institutionalisierten Betens in Judentum und Christentum
Regis A. Duffy O.F.M., pp. 217–218

Worship: A Primer in Christian Ritual, Dynamic Equivalence: The Living Language of Christian Worship
James L. Empereur S.J., pp. 218–220

Thomist Realism and the Linguistic Turn: Toward a More Perfect Form of Existence
W. Norris Clarke S.J., pp. 220–222

Darwin and Design: Does Evolution Have a Purpose?
Eugene E. Selk, pp. 222–223

Shorter Notices
pp. 224–238

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