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Reviews & Shorter Notices – February 2006

The Biblical Canons
Angela Kim Harkins pp. 175–176

God and Violence: Biblical Resources for Living in a Small World
Anthony J. Tambasco pp. 176–178

The Idea of Biblical Interpretation: Essays in Honor of James L. Kugel
Stephen D. Ryan O.P. pp. 178–179

The Johannine Corpus in the Early Church
Tobias Nicklas pp. 180–181

Orestes A. Brownson: American Religious Weathervane
John Farina pp. 181–182

Christian Community in History
Richard R. Gaillardetz , pp. 183–185

Blown by the Spirit: Puritanism and the Emergence of an Antinomian Underground in Pre-Civil-War England
Brendan Kane ,pp. 185–187

The Moral Theology of Roger Williams: Christian Convictions and Public Ethics
John Kelsay , pp. 187–188

Martin Luthers Theologie: Eine Vergegenwärtigung
Mickey L. Mattox ,pp. 189–190

L’ancien Testament Dans L’ecclésiologie des Pères. Une Lecture des Constitutions Apostoliques
Wendy Mayer pp. 190–192

Crown, Church, and Episcopate under Louis XIV
Thomas Worcester S.J. ,pp. 192–193

The Papacy and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Rome: Pius VI and the Arts
Phyllis Zagano pp. 193–195

Rome in America: Transnational Catholic Ideology from the Risorgimento to Fascism
John T. Ford C.S.C. pp. 195–196

History, Theology, and Faith: Dissolving the Modern Problematic
A. Van Harvey pp. 197–198

Philosophical and Theological Papers 1965–1980
Jeremy D. Wilkins pp. 198–200

A Scientific Theology: Volume 3: Theory
Edward T. Oakes S.J. pp. 200–201

Justice in the Making: Feminist Social Ethics
Christine E. Gudorf pp. 202–203

L’homme et Son Angoisse: La Théologie Morale de ‘Gaudium et Spes’
James F. Keenan S.J. pp. 203–205

Das Konzil und die Seminare: Die Ausbildung der Priester in Der Dynamik des Zweiten Vaticanums
Jared Wicks S.J. pp. 205–206

Four Cultures of the West
John W. Padberg S.J. pp. 206–208

Patience, Compassion, Hope and the Christian Art of Dying Well
Doris Donnelly pp. 208–209

Divine Mother, Blessed Mother: Hindu Goddesses and the Virgin Mary
Klaus K. Klostermaier pp. 210–211

Santerí: The Beliefs and Rituals of a Growing Religion in America
Joseph M. Murphy pp. 211–213

Shorter Notices
pp. 213–225

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