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Reviews & Shorter Notices – June 1987

A History of Ancient Israel and Judah
Frederick L. Moriarty S.J., pp. 341–342

God and His People: Covenant and Theology in the Old Testament
Kevin G. O’Connell S.J., pp. 342–343

Jeremiah: A Commentary
Walter Brueggemann, pp. 343–347

Rebecca’s Children: Judaism and Christianity in the Roman World
Robert F. O’Toole S.J., pp. 347–348

Markus 13 und die apokalyptik
John M. McDermott S.J., pp. 348–350

Discipleship in the New Testament
Dale Goldsmith, pp. 350–352

Religious Experience
Charley D. Hardwick, pp. 352–354

American Religious Empiricism
Bernard J. Lee S.M., pp. 354–356

The Unchanging God of Love: A Study of the Teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas on Divine Immutability in View of Certain Contemporary Criticism of This Doctrine
Joseph A. Bracken S.J., pp. 356–358

The Evolution of the Soul
Carl J. Peter, pp. 358–359

Antropología cristiana, Escatologyía cristiana
Jeffrey Gros F.S.C., pp. 359–361

Gemeinschaft und Verehrung der Heiligen: Geschichtlichsystematische Grundlegung der Hagiologie
Robert Kress, pp. 361–362

The Cult of the Virgin Mary: Psychological Origins
W. W. Meissner S.J., M.D., pp. 362–365

Vatican II Revisited by Those Who were There
John Jay Hughes , pp. 365–367

Shepherds Speak: American Bishops Confront the Social and Moral Issues That Challenge Christians Today
John Jay Hughes, pp. 367–368

Faithful Dissent
Robert Schreiter C.PP.S., pp. 368–370

The Byzantine Liturgy: Symbolic Structure and Faith Expression
Edward J. Kilmartin S.J., pp. 370–371

Marriage in Canon Law: Text and Comments/Reflections and Questions
John F. Martin S.J., pp. 372–374

Broken Lights and Mended Lives: Theology and Common Life in the Early Church
Joseph T. Lienhard S.J., pp. 374–375

The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire
John Meyendorff, pp. 375–377

Italian Benedictine Scholars and the Reformation: The Congregation of Santa Giustina of Padua
Paul F. Grendler, pp. 377–379

Inquisition and Society in Spain in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Joseph F. Chorpenning O.S.F.S., pp. 379–380

Understanding Karl Rahner: An Introduction to His Life and Thought, Karl Rahner in Dialogue: Conversations and Interviews 1165–1982
Robert Kress, pp. 380–382

The Catholic Experience
Bernard Cooke, pp. 382–383

The New Encounter between Christians and Jews, Twenty Years of Jewish-Catholic Relations
Daniel J. Harrington S.J., pp. 383–384

Religion and Political Conflict in Latin America
John P. Hogan, pp. 385–386

Conversion and Discipleship: A Christian Foundation for Ethics and Doctrine
Garth L. Hallett S.J., pp. 386–388

Christianity and Capitalism: Perspectives on Religion, Liberalism and the Economy, Economics and Ethics: A Christian Inquiry
Philip J. Rossi S.J., pp. 388–389

Shorter Notices
pp. 389–407

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