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Reviews & Shorter Notices – June 1995

Psalms, the Lord Reigns: A Theological Handbook to the Psalms
Will Soll, pp. 355–356

Mary Magdalene and Many Others: Women Who Followed Jesus
Sonya A. Quitslund, pp. 357–358

Paul’s Narrative Thought World: The Tapestry of Tragedy and Triumph
Benjamin Fiore S.J., pp. 358–360

Pascentes cum disciplina: A Lexical Study of the Clergy in the Cyprianic Correspondence
Ray R. Noll, pp. 360–361

Augustine: Ancient Thought Baptized
Roland J. Teske S.J., pp. 361–363

Likeness and Presence: A History of the Image before the Era of Art
John Dillenberger, pp. 363–364

Monastic and Religious Orders in Britain 1000–1300
Joseph F. Kelly, pp. 364–366

The Language of Sex: Five Voices from Northern France around 1200
Edward Collins Vacek S.J., pp. 366–367

Las Casas: In Search of the Poor of Jesus Christ
Terrance G. Walsh S.J., pp. 367–369

Galileo: For Copernicanism and for the Church
Ernan McMullin, pp. 369–371

L’Erreur et son juge: Remarques sur les censures doctrinales à l’éapoque moderne
Jaques M. Gres-Gayer, pp. 371–373

The Holocaust in Historical Context 1: The Holocaust and Mass Death before the Modern Age
John T. Pawlikowski O.S.M., pp. 373–375

What Will Dr. Newman Do? John Henry Newman and Papal Infallibility, 1865–1875
James Gaffney, pp. 375–377

Il conclave—Storia e segreti: L’elezione papale da San Pietro a Giovanni Paolo II
Francis X. Murphy C.SS.R. , pp. 377–378

Religious Melancholy and Protestant Experience in America
E. Brooks Holifield, pp. 378–380

Conjuring Culture: Biblical Formations of Black America. Religion in America
Vincent L. Wimbush, pp. 380–381

Die Urkraft des Kosmos: Dimensionen der Liebe im Werk Pierre Teilhards de Chardin
Karl Schmitz-Moormann, pp. 382–383

Theism, Atheism, and Big Bang Cosmology
Frank R. Haig S.J., pp. 383–385

Systematic Theology 2
Richard Viladesau, pp. 385–387

Winds of the Spirit: A Constructive Christian Theology
Paul Lakeland, pp. 387–388

Dispatches from the Front: Theological Engagements with the Secular
Joseph J. Kotva, pp. 388–390

Caring for Creation: An Ecumenical Approach to the Environmental Crisis
Peter Cho Phan, pp. 390–391

Worship as Theology: Foretaste of Glory Divine
J. Leo Klein S.J., pp. 392–393

Majesty and Meekness: A Comparative Study of Contrasts and Harmony in the Concept of God
Francis X. Clooney S.J., pp. 393–394

Shorter Notices
pp. 395–408

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