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Reviews & Shorter Notices – March 1980

Ezekiel 1 (chaps. 1–24)
Frederick L. Moriarty S.J., pp. 191–192

A Wandering Aramean: Collected Aramaic Essays
Daniel J. Harrington S.J., pp. 192–193

The Aramaic Origin of the Four Gospels
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 193–195

Les Actes des apôtres: Traditions, rédaction, théologie
R. F. O’Toole S.J., pp. 195–196

The Community of the Beloved Disciple: The Life, Loves, and Hates of an Individual Church in new Testament Times
J. Edgar Bruns, pp. 196–198

Homme créateur, Dieu créateur
Peter D. Fehlner O.F.M.Conv., pp. 198–201

Je crois en l’Esprit Saint 1: L’Esprit Saint dans l’“Économie: Révélation et expérience de l’Esprit
John Farrelly O.S.B., pp. 201–202

The Eucharist: Essence, Form, Celebration
John H. McKenna C.M., pp. 202–204

Religious Reason: The Rational and Moral Basis of Religious Belief
Drew Christiansen S.J., pp. 204–206

Le dossier d’Ignace d’Antioche
Michael Slusser, pp. 206–207

Ascetics, Authority, and the Church in the Age of Jerome and Cassian
Joseph F. Kelly, pp. 207–208

Maimonides and Aquinas: A Contemporary Appraisal
William J. Hill O.P., pp. 208–210

Pope Eugenius IV, the Council of Basel and the Secular and Ecclesiastical Authorities in the Empire: The Conflict over Supreme Authority and Power in the Church
Joseph F. O’Callaghan, pp. 210–211

Clio Unbound: Perception of the Social and Cultural Past in Renaissance England
Glenn W. Olsen, pp. 211–213

Collected Works of Erasmus 23: Literary and Educational Writings 1: Antibarbari/Parabolae; 24: Literary and Educational Writings 2: De Copia/De Ratione Studii
Anne M. O’Donnell S.N.D., pp. 213–214

La foi de Luther: La cause de l’Évangile dans l’église
Jared Wicks S.J., pp. 214–216

Continuity and Discontinuity in Church History: Essays Presented to George Huntston Williams on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday
John W. O’Malley, pp. 216–218

Liberal Catholicism, Reform Catholicism, Modernism: A Contribution to a New Orientation in Modernist Research
Ronald Burke, pp. 218–220

The Brownson-Hecker Correspondence
Robert Emmett Curran S.J., pp. 220–221

Michael Augustine Corrigan and the Shaping of Conservative Catholicism in America, 1878–1902
Robert D. Cross, pp. 221–223

Herbert Butterfield: Writings on Christianity and History
James V. Schall S.J., pp. 223–224

Principles of Biomedical Ethics
Francis X. Meehan, pp. 224–226

Life and Death with Liberty and Justice: A Contribution to the Euthanasia Debate
Thomas A. Shannon, pp. 226–228

The Acting Person
Edward Vacek S.J., pp. 228–229

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