A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – March 1981

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia 1: A—D
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 135–136

The Gnostic Gospels
David P. Efroymson, pp. 136–138

God and Atheism: A Philosophical Approach to the Problem of God
Michael J. Buckley S.J., pp. 138–140

Monika K. Hellwig, pp. 140–141

Nommer Dieu
John Farrelly O.S.B., pp. 141–143

Le consolateur: Esprit-Saint et vie de grâce
Peter D. Fehlner O.F.M.CONV., pp. 143–144

Religious Symbols and Their Functions
Charles W. Gusmer, pp. 144–145

The Meaning of Saints
Jospeh N. Tylenda S.J., pp. 145–147

An Illustrated History of the Popes: Saint Peter to John Paul II
Joseph N. Tylenda S.J., pp. 147–148

Die Anfänge der Theologie des Martyriums
Robert B. Eno S.S., pp. 148–149

Council and Commune: The Conciliar Movement and the Fifteenth-Century Heritage
Thomas E. Morrissey, pp. 150–151

Päpstliche Unfehlbarkeit bei Newman und Döllinger: Ein historisch-systematischer Vergleich
John T. Ford C.S.C., pp. 151–153

Francis Clement Kelley and the American Catholic Dream
Joseph P. Chinnici O.F.M., pp. 153–154

Merton: A Biography, the Solitary Explorer: Thomas Merton’s Transforming Journey
Frederic J. Kelly S.J., pp. 154–157

A World of Grace: An Introduction to the Themes and Foundations of Karl Rahner’s Theology
Robert Masson, pp. 157–158

In der Fülle des Glaubens: Hans Urs von Balthasar-Lesebuch
Thomas F. O’Meara O.P., pp. 159–160

Natural Law and Natural Rights
James V. Schall S.J., pp. 160–162

A History of Christian Spirituality: An Analytical Introduction
Daniel Liderbach S.J., pp. 162–163

Spiritual Theology
Thomas Dubay S.M., pp. 163–164

Missionary Theology: Foundations in Development
Matthew H. Kelleher M.M., pp. 165–166

Discerning the Way: A Theology of the Jewish-Christian Reality
John T. Pawlikowski O.S.M., pp. 166–167

Community: Reflections on a Tragic Ideal
James V. Schall S.J., pp. 167–169

Comparative Ethics in Hindu and Buddhist Traditions
James D. Redington S.J., pp. 169–171

Religion and Ethics in Advaita
Roderick Hindery, pp. 171–172

Shorter Notices
pp. 172–188

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