A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – March 1982

The Two Horizons: New Testament Hermeneutics and Philosophical Description
Randy L. Maddox, pp. 136–137

The Gospel According to Luke (I-IX)
Robert J. Karris O.F.M., pp. 137–138

Raymond E. Brown S.S., pp. 138–140

Fundamental Theology
Michael J. Buckley S.J., pp. 140–142

Kirchenschriftsteller: Verzeichnis und Sigel
Joseph T. Lienhard S.J., pp. 142–143

The Rich Christian in the Church of the Early Empire: Contradictions and Accommodations
William J. Walsh S.J., pp. 143–145

It is Not Lawful for me to Fight: Early Christian Attitudes toward War, Violence, and the State
Francis X. Winters S.J., pp. 145–146

Liberté et Grâce suivant la théologie d’irénée de Lyon: Le débat avec la gnose aux origines de la théologie chrétienne
Gerard H. Ettlinger S.J., pp. 146–147

The Dynamics of Salvation: A Study in Gregory of Nazianzus
John T. Cummings, pp. 147–149

Roger, Bishop of Worcester 1164–1179: An English Bishop of the Age of Becket, Robert Winchelsey and the Crown 1294–1313: A Study in the Defence of Ecclesiastical Liberty, the Church and the English Crown 1305–1334: A Study Based on the Register of Archbishop Walter Reynolds
Thomas E. Morrissey, pp. 149–154

Bona Opera: A Study in the Development of the Doctrine in Philip Melanchthon
John Patrick Donnelly S.J., pp. 154–155

Joseph T. Clark S.J., pp. 155–157

John T. Ford C.S.C., pp. 157–159

Letters from a “Modernist”: The Letters of George Tyrrell to Wilfrid Ward 1893–1908
Francis M. O’Connor S.J., pp. 159–160

Teilhard’s Mysticism of Knowing
Robert J. O’Connell S.J., pp. 160–162

The Lonergan Enterprise
Stephen Happel, pp. 162–163

Notes on Moral Theology 1965 through 1980
Daniel C. Maguire, pp. 164–167

Free and Faithful in Christ: Moral Theology for Priests and Laity 3: Light to the World
Vincent M. Burns S.J., pp. 167–169

Psychology and Moral Theology
John M. Mcdermott S.J., pp. 169–170

Toward a New Age in Mission: The Good News of God’s Kingdom to the Peoples of Asia
Matthew H. Kelleher M.M., pp. 170–172

Christianity and Politics
J. Brian Benestad, pp. 172–173

Feminism and Process Thought. the Harvard Divinity School/Claremont Center for Process Studies Symposium Papers
Philip E. Devenish, pp. 173–174

Shorter Notices
pp. 174–190

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