A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – March 1984

Israel Exploration Journal Reader
Frederick L. Moriarty S.J., pp. 164–165

The Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel: A Study in Literary Design
Pheme Perkins, pp. 165–166

Le péché originel: Perspectives théologiques
John Farrelly O.S.B., pp. 166–168

Sacraments and Sacramentality
Prudence M. Croke R.S.M., pp. 168–169

Episcopale munus: Recueil d’études sur le ministère episcopal offertes en hommage à Son Excellence Mgr J. Gijsen
John T. Ford C.S.C., pp. 169–171

La théologie contemporaine (1945–1980)
George H. Tavard, pp. 171–172

Practical Divinity: Theology in the Wesleyan Tradition
Leonard I. Sweet, pp. 172–174

Jewish and Christian Self-Definition 3: Self-Definition in the Greco-Roman World
Joseph T. Lienhard S.J., pp. 174–175

Between Athens and Jerusalem: Jewish Identity in the Hellenistic Diaspora
Daniel J. Harrington S.J., pp. 175–176

Saint Augustin et le désir de Dieu
Robert J. O’Connell S.J., pp. 176–177

Nicolai de Cusa opera omnia 16: Sermones I (1430–1441), fasciculus 3: Sermones XI-XXI, Nicolai de Cusa opera omnia 17: Sermones II (1443–1452), fasciculus 1: Sermones XXVII-XXXIX
James E. Biechler, pp. 178–179

Martin Luther, sa foi, sa réforme: Etudes de théologie historique
James F. McCue, pp. 179–180

Luther on Conversion: The Early Years
Jared Wicks S.J. , pp. 180–182

Controversial Ideas in China and in Europe: A Biography of Jean-François Foucquet, S.J. (1665–1741)
Albert Chan S.J., pp. 182–184

John Henry Newman: His Life and Work, Newman
John T. Ford C.S.C., pp. 184–185

The Vatican and the American Hierarchy from 1870 to 1965
James P. Gaffey, pp. 185–187

Christian Moral Reasoning: An Analytic Guide
Edward Vacek S.J., pp. 187–189

Personal Responsibility and Christian Morality
Philip S. Keane, pp. 189–190

Abortion and the Status of the Fetus
John R. Connery S.J., pp. 190–193

Pastoral Counseling
Robert L. Kinast, pp. 193–195

Pastoral Hermeneutics and Ministry
Michael J. McGinniss F.S.C., pp. 195–196

Pope John Paul II and the Family
J. Brian Benestad, pp. 198–199

A Challenge to Love: Gay and Lesbian Catholics in the Church
John R. Connery S.J., pp. 199–201

Human Rights in Religious Traditions
Margaret E. Crahan, pp. 201–202

Shorter Notices
pp. 203–218

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