A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1944

The Act of Social Justice
Paul V. Kennedy S.J., pp. 222–227

Mater Ecclesia
Augustine C. Wand S.J., pp. 227–229

Mediaeval Studies
James I. Conway S.J., pp. 229–234

A Companion to Scripture Studies
Henry Willmering S.J., pp. 234–236

Son of Man and Kingdom of God
George C. Ring S.J., pp. 236–240

The Earliest Gospel: St. Mark
William A. Dowd S.J., pp. 240–242

The Varieties of New Testament Religion
John J. Collins S.J., pp. 242–243

English Prayer Books
Gerald Ellard S.J., pp. 243–244

National Liturgical Week, 1943
V. L. Kennedy C.S.B., pp. 245–246

The Principles of Christian Ethics
William F. Drummond S.J., pp. 246–251

A Compend of Luther’s Theology, Lutheran Confessional Theology
Clement Demuth S.J., pp. 251–253

Life with the Holy Ghost
James Ale S.J., pp. 254–255

Spiritual Conferences of St. Francis de Sales, Cardinal Mercier’s Conferences, the Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena
pp. 254

The Rosary of Mary
G. Augustine Ellard S.J., pp. 255–256

The Book of Ceremonies
pp. 256–257

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