A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1945

The Church and the Papacy: A Historical Study
E. A. Ryan S.J., pp. 287–295

The Mystery of Iniquity
Franz H. Mueller, pp. 295–298

The Cross and the Eternal Order
J. F. X. Sweeney S.J., pp. 298–301

The “Rhythm” in Marriage and Christian Morality
Edwin F. Healy S.J., pp. 301–304

A Preface to Newman’s Theology
A. C. Cotter S.J., pp. 304–306

The Calling of a Diocesan Priest
John S. Middleton PH.D., pp. 307–309

A History of the Dominican Liturgy
Gerald Ellard S.J., pp. 309–310

Down Peacock’s Feathers
E. J. Weisenberg S.J., pp. 310–312

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