A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices –May 1955

Primitive Man and His World Picture
Hugh J. Bihler S.J., pp. 277–278

God Who Acts
Roland E. Murphy O. Carm., pp. 278–279

The Root of the Vine
John J. Collins S.J., pp.280–282

Studies in the Book of Lamentations
William A. Dowd S.J., pp.282–283

Review: Die Johannesbriefe
Michael J. Gruenthaner S.J., pp.283–284

The Acts of the Pagan Martyrs: Acta Alexandrinorum
Raymond V. Schoder S.J., pp. 285–286

Tradition and Scripture in the Early Church
Frederick L. Moriarty S.J., pp.286–288

Eric May O.F.M.Cap.
Thomas E. Clarke S.J., pp.288–289

Transiency and Permanence
Francis M. Keating S.J., pp.289–291

Katholische Dogmatik. Vol. 4, Part 2: Von den letzten Dingen
Cyril Vollert S.J., pp. 291–293

William G. Most, pp.293–295

Le thème de la parfaite alliance de grâce dans s. Jean de la Croix
D. J. M. Callahan S.J., pp.295–296

Church and State through the Centuries
H. Rommen, pp. 296–298

Histoire de l’église byzantine
Joseph A. Devenny S.J., pp.298–299

Winfrid-Bonifatius und die christliche Grundlegung Europas
E. A. Ryan S.J. .pp.299

The Church in England, 597–1688
Edward D. McShane S.J. pp.300–301

The Reformation in England. Vol. 3: True Religion Now Established
John F. Broderick S.J. pp. 301–303

The Catholic Church in Japan
John Lynch S.J. pp.303–305

The History and Character of Calvinism
Gustave Weigel S.J. pp.305–306

Le Gallicanisme de Bossuet
E. A. Ryan S.J. pp.306–307

Morals and Medicine
Joseph T. Mangan S.J. pp.307–310

The Third Revolution: A Study of Psychiatry and Religion
William C. Bier S.J. pp.310–312

Integration of Religion and Psychiatry
Gregory Stevens O.S.B. pp.312–314

Being and Becoming
Avery R. Dulles S.J. pp.314–315

Pascal et ses précurseurs
Jerome F. O’Malley S.J. pp.316–318

The Meaning of Love
Avery R. Dulles S.J. pp. 16.2.reviews-notices

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