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Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1957

Religionswissenschaftliches Wörterbuch. Die Grundbegriffe
Hugh J. Bihler S.J., pp.271–272

Dictionnaire d’archéologie biblique
George S. Glanzman S.J., pp. 272–274

Amazing Dead Sea Scrolls
George S. Glanzman S.J., pp.274–277

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible
Frederick L. Moriarty S.J., pp.278–279

The Semantic Development of Gloria in Early Christian Latin
Alfred C. Rush C.SS.R., pp.279–280

The Sources of Catholic Dogma
Paul F. Palmer S.J., pp.280–288

Schriften zur Theologie 3
Malachi J. Donnelly S.J., pp.288–289

The Salvation of the Unbeliever
John A. Hardon S.J., pp.289–291

The Mass in Transition
David J. Bowman S.J., pp.291–293

Abhandlungen aus Ethik und Moraltheologie
Joseph J. Farraher S.J., pp. 293–294

The Catholic Church, U.S.A.
Charles H. Metzger S.J., pp.294–296

Frontiers in American Catholicism
Gustave Weigel S.J., pp.296

The Protestant Churches of America
Gustave Weigel S.J., pp. 297–298

Ignatius von Loyola: Seine geistliche Gestalt und sein Vermächtnis
E. A. Ryan S.J., pp. 298–299

Dean Colet and His Theology
Joseph B. Doty S.J. pp.299–300

Solovyev, Prophet of Russian-Western Unity
John H. Ryder S.J. pp.300–302

The Doctrinal Instruction of Religious Sisters, the Direction of Nuns
D. J. M. Callahan S.J. pp.302–304

The Death and Rebirth of Psychology
Ramon A. di Nardo pp. 304–307

Shorter Notices

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