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Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1960

The New Translations of the Bible
John Bligh S.J., pp. 276–277

Adam et son lignage: Etudes sur la notion de “personnalité corporative” dans la Bible
John L. McKenzie S.J., pp. 277–278

Le décalogue à la lumière des recherches contemporaines
Bruce Vawter C.M., pp. 278–280

Psalm 89: Eine Liturgie aus dem Ritual des leidenden Königs
Joseph J. DeVault S.J., pp. 280–281

Der Prophet Hesekiel, Kapitel
Joseph J. DeVault S.J., pp. 282–283

Introduction à la Bible 2: Nouveau Testament
John L. McKenzie S.J., pp. 283–285

The Gospel according to Saint Mark: An Introduction and Commentary
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J.,pp. 285–288

The Church in the Theology of St. Paul
John J. Collins S.J., pp. 288–290

Apocalypse 12: Histoire de l’exégèse
Christian P. Ceroke O.Carm., pp. 290–292

Neutestamentliche Apokryphen in deutscher Übersetzung 1: Evangelien
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 292–294

Gnosticism and Early Christianity
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 294–297

The Gospel According to Thomas
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 297–299

Die Auferstehung Jesu Christi
Vincent T. O’Keefe S.J., pp. 299–303

Mönchtum und Glaubensverkündigung in den Schriften des hl. Johannes Chrysostomus
Terrence R. O’Connor S.J., pp. 303–304

Des Julian von Aeclanum Kommentar zu den Propheten Osee, Joel und Amos: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Exegese
Eamonn O’Doherty S.S.C., pp. 304–305

Dictionnaire de spiritualité
Thomas G. O’Callaghan S.J., pp. 306–307

Some Schools of Catholic Spirituality
Thomas G. O’Callaghan S.J., pp. 307–308

Heroic Sanctity and Insanity: An Introduction to the Spiritual Life and Mental Hygiene
Magda B. Arnold, pp. 308–309

Counselling the Catholic: Modern Techniques and Emotional Conflicts
John R. McCall S.J., pp. 309–311

Father Connell Answers Moral Questions
Joseph J. Farraher S.J., pp. 311–312

Previews and Practical Cases on Marriage 1: Preliminaries and Impediments

J. D. Fitzgerald, pp. 312–314

Christianity in Conflict: A Catholic View of Protestantism
George H. Tavard, pp. 314–316

Now We Are Catholics
Avery Dulles S.J., pp. 316–317

Vatican Diplomacy: A Study of Church and State on the International Plane
Heinrich A. Rommen, pp. 317–319

The Catholic Viewpoint on Education
Justus George Lawler, pp. 319–320

The Catholic Dimension in Higher Education
Walter J. Ong S.J., pp. 320–322

A History of Philosophy 4: Descartes to Leibniz; 5: Hobbes to Hume
James I. Conway S.J., pp. 322–325

The Principle of Sufficient Reason in Some Scholastic Systems 1750–1900
Ralph O. Dates S.J., pp. 325–326

Shorter Notices
pp. 326–343

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