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Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1962

A Greek Grammar of the New Testament and other Early Christian Literature
Edgar R. Smothers S.J. pp. 272–274

Prophecy and Inspiration
John L. McKenzie S.J., pp. 274–276

The Conscience of Israel: Pre-Exilic Prophets and Prophecy
Kathryn Sullivan R.S.C.J. ,pp. 276–277

Zur Frage nach dem historischen Jesus
Myles M. Bourke , pp. 277–280

Petrus, Jünger-Apostel-Märtyrer: Das historische und das theologische Petrusproblem
Earl A. Weis S.J. ,pp. 280–282

De peccato et redemptione 2: De vocabulario redemptionis
Myles M. Bourke ,pp. 282–283

The Jews and the Gospel: A Re-Examination of the New Testament
J. Edgar Bruns , pp. 283–286

Péché d’Adam, péché du monde 2: Le Nouveau Testament
John L. McKenzie S.J., pp. 286–287

Die Kirche als Bau: Eine exegetisch-theologische Studie zur Ekklesiologie der Paulusbriefe
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 288–290

Quatre hymnes baptismales dans la première épître de Pierre
Eugene H. Maly, pp. 290–292

Lettres et écrivains chrétiens des IIe et IIIe siècles
Terrence R. O’Connor S.J., pp. 292–294

Origène et la “connaissance mystique
Gilles Langevin S.J. , pp. 294–297

S. Ambrogio e la sua età
Anselm Strittmatter O.S.B. , pp. 297–300

The Church and the Gospel
Avery Dulles S.J. , pp. 300–301

Christianity Divided: Protestant and Roman Catholic Theological Issues
George H. Tavard , pp. 301–303

Catholic Theology in Dialogue
Gregory Baum O.S.A. , pp. 303–305

De conciliis oecumenicis: Theses Caroli Passaglia de conciliis deque habitu quo ad Romanos pontifices referuntur
C. G. Arévalo S.J. ,pp. 305–307

Überlieferung: Tradition und Schrift in der evangelischen und katholischen Theologie der Gegenwart
Charles H. Henkey , pp. 307–310

Über den Gottmenschen
Charles H. Henkey , pp. 310–312

From Limbo to Heaven: An Essay on the Economy of the Redemption
Edward J. Kilmartin S.J. , pp. 312–314

Structures et méthode dans la Somme théologique de saint Thomas d’Aquin
F. E. Crowe S.J. , pp. 314–316

Life, Death and the Law: Law and Christian Morals in England and the United States
Robert H. Springer S.J. pp. 316–320

Confession and Pastoral Psychology
Joseph S. Duhamel S.J. ,pp. 320–324

The Recipient of Extreme Unction
John J. Reed S.J. ,pp. 324–327

Introduction to Spirituality
William J. Burke S.J. , pp. 328–330

Columba Cary-Elwes O.S.B. ,pp. 330–332

Wyclif and the Oxford Schools: The Relation of the “Summa de ente” to Scholastic Debates at Oxford in the Later Fourteenth Century
John B. Morrall , pp. 332–334

Religious History of Modern France
John F. Broderick S.J.,pp. 335–337

Teilhard de Chardin: A Critical Study
Cyril Vollert S.J. , pp. 337–339

The Idea of Freedom 1: A Dialectical Examination of the Conceptions of Freedom; 2: A Dialectical Examination of the Controversies about Freedom
Vernon J. Bourke , pp. 339–341

Shorter Notices

pp. 341–363

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