A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1964

The Cambridge History of the Bible 2: The West from the Reformation to the Present Day
John L. McKenzie S.J. , pp. 254–255

Le Deutéronome
Eamonn O’Doherty , pp. 256–257

God’s Rule and Kingdom
Raymond E. Brown S.S. pp. 257–260

Apologetics and the Biblical Christ
P. Joseph Cahill S.J. , pp. 260–263

The Principle of Analogy in Protestant and Catholic Theology
P. Joseph Cahill S.J. pp. 264–265

L’Eglise ancienne et la culture grecque
Robert E. Carter S.J. , pp. 265–268

The Church and Cultures
Edward L. Murphy S.J. , pp. 268–270

Der Heilige Geist als Person
P. De Letter S.J. , pp. 270–272

Mary Mother of the Lord: Theological Meditations, Mary, Archetype of the Church, Marie, mère de la rédemption: Approches du mystère marial
Eamon R. Carroll O.Carm. ,pp. 272–275

The Image of God: The Doctrine of St. Augustine and its Influence
David J. Hassel S.J. pp. 275–278

Die Funktion des Bildbegriffes in der Theologie des 12. Jahrhunderts
Charles H. Lohr S.J. , pp. 278–280

The Problem of Sovereignty in the Later Middle Ages
John B. Morrall pp. 280–282

Luther: His Life and Work
John W. O’Malley S.J. , pp. 282–284

The Irish Penitentials
William Le Saint S.J. pp. 284–287

Remarks on the Vocabulary of the Ancient Orations of the Missale Romanum
Aelred Tegels O.S.B. , pp. 287–289

Contemporary Moral Theology 2: Marriage Questions
John F. Harvey O.S.F.S. pp. 289–291

The Revolt against the Church, the Variety of Catholic Attitudes
Matthew L. Lamb O.C.S.O. pp. 291–293
Christian Responsibility and World Poverty
Thomas K. Burch, pp. 293–295

American Pluralism and the Catholic Conscience
John J. McGrath pp. 295–297

Religion, the Courts, and Public Policy
Richard J. Regan S.J. , pp. 297–299

Religious Art in the Twentieth Century
Terrence R. O’Connor S.J. ,pp. 299–301

Modern Psychiatry: A Handbook for Believers
W. W. Meissner S.J. pp. 301–303

Canon Law Digest 5: 1958–1962
John J. Reed S.J. pp. 303–305

Shorter Notices
pp. 305–330

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