A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1969

Studien zur Geschichte des Opfers im alten Israel
Robert J. Daly S.J. pp. 326–327

The Relevance of the New Testament
Thomas W. Leahy S.J. ,pp. 327–329

John the Baptist in the Gospel Tradition
Raymond E. Brown S.S. pp. 329–331
Jésus Seigneur et l’eschatologie: Exégèse de textes prépauliens
William J. Dalton S.J. pp. 331–332
The Sources of Revelation
George H. Tavard pp. 332–334

Kerygma and Dogma
John W. Healey S.J. , pp. 334–336
Divine Science and Science of God
Thomas F. O’Meara O.P. pp. 336–337
Dogma 1: God in Revelation
Cyril Vollert S.J. , pp. 338–339

The Function of Theology
Lawrence Cunningham ,pp. 339–341

St. Augustine’s Early Theory of Man, A.D. 386–391
Ernest L. Fortin pp. 341–343
L’Intelligence de la foi en la trinité selon saint Augustin: Genèse de sa théologie trinitaire jusqu’en 391
Ewert Cousins ,pp. 343–345
The True Priest: The Priesthood as Preached and Practised by Saint Augustine
Margaret A. Schatkin pp. 345–346

A Theology of Proclamation
John E. Brooks S.J. pp. 346–349
The Eucharist
Edward J. Kilmartin S.J. pp. 349–351
History of Ethics: A Comprehensive Survey of the History of Ethics from the Early Greeks to the Present Time
Thomas M. Garrett pp. 351–352
Christ and the Moral Life
Nicholas Crotty C.P. pp. 352–353

Sexuality and Moral Responsibility
Richard A. McCormick S.J. pp. 353–356
The Spirit and Forms of Love
D. S. Toolan S.J. pp. 356–357
Theology of Renewal 1: Renewal of Religious Thought; 2: Renewal of Religious Structures
John F. Sweeney S.J. pp. 358–360
The Church against Itself
Earl A. Weis S.J. pp. 360–361
Truthfulness: The Future of the Church
Lawrence Cunningham pp. 361–363

Science and Christ
Robert L. Faricy S.J. pp. 363–364

The Burning Heart: John Wesley, Evangelist
Gaetano L. Vincitorio pp. 364–366
Jonathan Edwards and the Visibility of God
John F. Woolverton pp. 366–368
A Commentary on the Confession of 1967 and an Introduction to the “Book of Confessions.”
George Driscoll S.J. pp. 368–369
Shorter Notices
pp. 370–383

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