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Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1970

The New English Bible with the Apocrypha
Roland E. Murphy O. Carm., pp. 320–321

The Old Testament and Theology
Donald L. Magnetti S.J., pp. 321–322

Primitive Conceptions of Death and the Nether World in the Old Testament
J. Edgar Bruns, pp. 322–323

The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Raymond E. Brown S.S., pp. 324–325

Israel and the Church: Contribution to a Dialogue Vital for Peace
Ludvik Nemec, pp. 325–326

Anti-Semitism and the Christian Mind: The Crisis of Conscience after Auschwitz
Edward H. Flannery, pp. 327–328

Die Verklärung Christi Bei Origenes: Die Bedeutung Des Menschen Jesus in Seiner
Margaret A. Schatkin, pp. 328–330

Iberian Fathers 1: Martin of Braga, Paschasius of Dumium, Leander of Seville
Margaret A. Schatkin, pp. 330–332

Catholic Scholars Dialogue with Luther
John W. O’Malley S.J., pp. 332–333

Homo Spiritualis: A Comparative Study of the Anthropology of Johannes Tauler, Jean Gerson and Martin Luther (1509–16) in the Context of Their Theological Thought
Ludvik Nemec, pp. 333–334

The Catholic Reformation: Savonarola to Ignatius of Loyola. Documents Illustrative of the Main Facets of a Vital Movement
John E. Booty, pp. 334–336

Reflection and Doubt in the Thought of Paul Tillich
Vincent M. Cooke S.J., pp. 336–338

Offenbarung: Das Zweite Vatikanische Konzil Auf Dem Hintergrund Der Neueren Theologie
Avery Dulles S.J., pp. 338–341

Revelation Theology: A History
P. Joseph Cahill S.J., pp. 341–342

Systematic Theology: A Historicist Perspective
John H. Wright S.J., pp. 342–343

The Logic of Self-Involvement: A Philosophical Study of Everyday Language with Special Reference to the Christian Use of Language about God as Creator
Robert C. Neville, pp. 343–345

Towards Self-Meaning
Garth L. Hallett S.J., pp. 345–346

The Universal Word: A Theology for a Universal Faith
Vincent M. Cooke S.J., pp. 346–348

Faith under Challenge
William J. Hill O.P., pp. 348–349

God and Man
Robert C. Ware, pp. 349–351

Hy is Een God Van Mensen: Twee Theologische Studies
Brian O. McDermott S.J., pp. 351–354

Het Dogma Van De Erfzonde: Zinloze Mythe of Openbaring Van Een Grondstructuur Van Het Menselijk Bestaan?
Bernard A. Nachbahr, pp. 354–355

The Problem of Christ
Edward J. Gratsch, pp. 355–356

Les profondeurs de la grâce
William J. Burke S.J., pp. 356–358

Domingo Báñez y las controversias sobre la gracia: Textos y documentos
P. De Letter S.J., pp. 358–359

The Sacraments: An Experiment in Ecumenical Honesty
Edward J. Kilmartin S.J., pp. 359–360

The Rainbow Sign: Christian Futurity, a Theology of Human Hope
Lawrence Cunningham, pp. 360–363

The Future of Roman Catholic Theology
Lawrence Cunningham, pp. 363–365

Morals, Law and Authority: Sources and Attitudes in the Church
Robert H. Springer S.J., pp. 365–367

Discerning the Spirit: Foundations and Futures of Religious Life
William F. Hogan C.S.C., pp. 367–369

A Short History of the Western Liturgy: An Account and Some Reflections
Joseph M. Powers S.J., pp. 369–370

Shorter Notices
pp. 371–385

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