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Reviews & Shorter Notices -May 1972

La Promesse Royale De Yahweh Préparatoire à L’Alliance: Etude D’Une Forme Littéraire De L’Ancien Testament
Dennis J. McCarthy S.J., pp. 322–323

Schuyler Brown S.J., pp. 323–325

Perspectives on Paul
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 325–328

Theology Out of the Ghetto: A New Testament Exegetical Study concerning Religious Exclusiveness
Schuyler Brown S.J., pp. 328–330

The Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine 1: The Emergence of the Catholic Tradition (100–600)
Ernest L. Fortin, pp. 330–333

L’Eglise Primitive Face Au Divorce: Du Premier Au Cinquième Siècle
J. Alex Sherlock, pp. 333–338

Ecclesia Visibilis Et Invisibilis: Untersuchungen Zur Ekklesiologie Und Sakramentenlehre in Der Afrikanischen Tradition von Cyprian Bis Augustinus
Ludwig Nemec, pp. 338–339

The World of Bede
Joseph F. Kelly, pp. 339–341

Nicolai De Cusa Opera Omnia 14/1–4: De Concordantia Catholica, Nicolai De Cusa Opera Omnia 7: De Pace Fidel
James E. Biechler, pp. 341-343

The Constructive Revolutionary: John Calvin and his Socioeconomic Impact
Joseph N. Tylenda S.J., pp. 343–345

Their Solitary Way: The Puritan Social Ethic in the First Century of Settlement in New England
Robert T. Handy, pp. 345–347

The other Dimension: A Search for the Meaning of Religious Attitudes
Bernard A. Nachbahr, pp. 347–349

Concordant Discord: The Interdependence of Faiths
William Johnston, pp. 349–353

The Coming Convergence of World Religions
William Cenkner, pp. 353–355

Humanité De L’Homme: Etude De Philosophie Concrète, Humanité De Dieu: Approche Anthropologique Du Mystère Chrétien
R. H. Cousineau S.J., pp. 355–357

Man Becoming: God in Secular Experience
John R. Mooney S.J., pp. 357–359

Human Energy
Doris K. Donnelly, pp. 359–361

Theology after Freud: An Interpretative Inquiry
Eugene A. Merlin, pp. 362–364

The Problematic Self in Kierkegaard and Freud
Shirley Sugerman, pp. 364–366

Motion and Motion’s God
Quentin Lauer S.J., pp. 366–367

The Assault on Authority: Dialogue or Dilemma
John J. McNeill S.J., pp. 367–368

Prophets without Honor: Public Policy and the Selective Conscientious Objector
David Toolan S.J., pp. 369–370

Conscience and Command: Justice and Discipline in the Military
John A. Rohr, pp. 371–372

The Once & Future Church: A Communion of Freedom
pp. 372

Shorter Notices
pp. 375-382, 384-391

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