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Reviews & Shorter Notices -May 1973

The New Testament: The History of the Investigation of its Problems
Edward Glynn S.J., pp.295–297

The Gospel According to Luke in the Revised Standard Version
Reginald H. Fuller, M.D., pp. 297–298

Die Passionsgeschichte Im Johannesevangelium
Bruce Vawter C.M., pp. 298–299

The Sayings of Jesus in the Churches of Paul: The Use of the Synoptic Tradition in the Regulation of Early Church Life
George W. MacRae, pp. 299–301

Unfolding Revelation: The Nature of Doctrinal Development
Avery Dulles S.J., pp. 301–303

Dogma in Geschichte: Versuch Einer Kritik Des Dogmatismus in Der Glaubensdarstellung
Avery Dulles S.J., pp. 303–304

Der Sinn Der Kanonbildung: Eine Historisch-Theologische Untersuchung Der Zeit Vom 1. Clemensbrief Bis Irenäus von Lyon
John H. Elliott, pp. 304–307

Jesus—Word and Presence: An Essay in Christology
Leo J. O’Donovan S.J., pp. 307–310

Teologìa Del Sacerdocio 4: Teologìa Del Sacerdocio En Los Primeros Siglos
Herbert Musurillo S.J., pp. 310–312

Agape: An Ethical Analysis
William E. May, pp. 312–314

Pour Une Théologie De L’âge Industriel 1: Eglise Et Croissance Du Monde
Francis X. Winters S.J., pp. 314–316

Toward a Discipline of Social Ethics: Essays in Honor of Walter George Muelder
David Hollenbach S.J., pp. 316–318

A Nestorian Collection of Christological Texts
Robert E. Carter S.J., pp. 318–320

Judaism and the Early Christian Mind: A Study of Cyril of Alexandria’s Exegesis and Theology
Margaret Schatkin, pp. 320–321

The Celtic Church in Britain
Joseph F. Kelly, pp. 321–323

Psychologie Und Metaphysik Der Menschlichen Freiheit: Die Ideengeschichtliche Entwicklung Zwischen Bonaventura Und Duns Scotus
Zachary Hayes O.F.M., pp. 323–325

Ramon Lull and Lullism in Fourteenth-Century France
Jordi Gayà, pp. 325–327

The Church and the Secular Order in Reformation Thought
David W. Lotz, pp. 327–328

Protestant Thought in the Nineteenth Century 1: 1799–1870
Joseph A. Bracken S.J., pp. 328–330

Baron Friedrich von Hügel and the Modernist Crisis in England
Joseph P. Whelan S.J., pp. 330–331

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Theologian of Reality, Reality and Faith: The Theological Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Alfred Hennelly S.J., pp. 332–334

The Religious Experience of Revolutionaries
Lawrence S. Cunningham, pp. 334–336

Black Religion and Black Radicalism
John J. Carey, pp. 336–337

Shorter Notices
pp. 338–350

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