A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1977

On Being a Christian
George H. Tavard, pp. 359–365

La Notion Biblique de Dieu: Le Dieu de la Bible et le Dieu des Philosophes
John Farrelly O.S.B., pp. 365–367

I Corinthians
Jerome Kodell O.S.B., pp. 367–368

The Gnostic Paul: Gnostic Exegesis of the Pauline Letters
Joseph A. Gibbons C.P., pp. 368–369

Theologie des neuen Testaments 2: Vielfalt und Einheit des Apostolischen Christuszeugnisses
Daniel J. Harrington S.J., pp. 369–370

The Origins of New Testament Christology
John F. O’Grady, pp. 371

Wissenschaftstheorie — Handlungstheorie — Fundamentale Theologie: Analysen Zu Ansatz Und Status Theologischer Theoriebildung
Robert J. Schreiter, pp. 371–373

Look for the Living: The Corporate Nature of Resurrection Faith
Lucien J. Richard O.M.I., pp. 373–374

The Church
Edward J. Gratsch, pp. 374–375

Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and Cult of the Virgin Mary
John A. Saliba S.J., pp. 375–377

New Birth of Freedom: A Theology of Bondage and Liberation
John P. Hogan, pp. 377–378

A Nation of Behavers
Francine Cardman, pp. 378–380

The Ordinal of the Papal Court from Innocent III to Boniface VIII and Related Documents
David F. Wright O.P., pp. 380–381

Papal Crusading Policy: The Chief Instruments of Papal Crusading Policy and Crusade to the Holy Land from the Final Loss of Jerusalem to the Fall of Acre, 1244–1291
Joseph F. O’Callaghan, pp. 381–383

Latran V et Trente
John F. Broderick S.J., pp. 383–384

Luther’s Theology of the Cross
James F. McCue, pp. 384–385

Orestes A. Brownson: A Definitive Biography
John A. Coleman S.J., pp. 385–387

The Sociality of Christ and Humanity: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Early Theology, 1927–1933
Geffrey B. Kelly F.S.C., pp. 387–389

John Courtney Murray: Theologian in Conflict
Francis X. Winters S.J., pp. 390–391

The Catholic Rediscovery of Protestantism: A History of Roman Catholic Ecumenical Pioneering
Carl J. Peter, pp. 391–392

The Social Context of Theology
T. Howland Sanks S.J., pp. 392–394

Compromise in Morality
Thomas A. Wassmer S.J., pp. 394–396

The Sexual Language: An Essay in Moral Theology
Thomas A. Wassmer S.J., pp. 396–398

The Light at the Center: Context and Pretext of Modern Mysticism
Harvey Egan S.J., pp. 398–399

Women and Catholic Priesthood: An Expanded Vision
J. Massyngberde Ford, pp. 400–401

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