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Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1985

A Prophet to the Nations: Essays in Jeremiah Studies
Frederick L. Moriarty S.J., pp. 345–346

A Commentary on the Gospel of John
Raymond E. Brown S.S., pp. 346–348

The Architecture of Religion: A Theoretical Essay
Daniel Liderbach S.J., pp. 348–349

Foundational Theology: Jesus and the Church
Anne Carr B.V.M., pp. 349–351

Experience, Explanation and Faith
John F. Haught, pp.351–353

L’Articulation du sens 1: Discours scientifique et parole de la foi. 2: Les langages de la foi
Robert J. Schreiter C.PP.S., pp. 353–354

God, Jesus and Belief: The Legacy of Theism
Frederick G. McLeod S.J., pp. 354–355

Jésus Savait-il Qu’il était Dieu?
Anita Hyslop, pp. 355–356

Théologie du sacerdoce 1: Deux mille ans d’église en question. Crise de la foi, crise du prêtre
George H. Tavard A.A., pp. 356–358

Magisterium: Teaching Authority in the Catholic Church
Michael A. Fahey S.J., pp. 358–360

Divorce and Remarriage
Richard A. Hill S.J., pp. 360–361

Eternal Life? Life after Death as a Medical, Philosophical, and Theological Problem
Philip E. Devenish, pp. 361–362

The Birth of Purgatory
Glenn W. Olsen, pp. 362–363

Pope and Bishops: The Papal Monarchy in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Thomas E. Morrissey , pp. 363–365

The Christian Tradition. A History of the Development of Doctrine 4: Reformation of Church and Dogma (1300–1700)
M. Edmund Hussey, pp. 365–366

El Ministro Legado de Cristo, según Lutero
Jared Wicks S.J., pp. 366–368

John Dubois: Founding Father
Paul K. Hennessy C.F.C., pp. 368–370

Kritische Gesamtausgabe: Schriften und Entwürfe
Francis Schüssler Fiorenza, pp. 370–371

The Ecclesiology of Yves Congar: Foundational Themes
Richard F. Costigan S.J., pp. 371–373

Sex and Gender: A Theological and Scientific Inquiry
John R. Connery S.J., pp. 373–374

Liturgie und Dichtung; Ein interdisciplinäres Kompendium 1: Historische Präsentation; 2: Interdisciplinäre Reflexion
Edward J. Kilmartin S.J., pp. 374–375

The Eucharist in Bible and Liturgy
Emmanuel J. Cutrone, pp. 376–377

The Catholic Bishops and Nuclear War: A Critique and Analysis of the Pastoral The Challenge of Peace., Biblical and Theological Reflections on The Challenge of Peace.
J. Brian Benestad, pp. 377–379

The Bishops and Nuclear Weapons: The Catholic Pastoral Letter on War and Peace, the Ultimate Weapon
William V. O’Brien, pp. 379–380

Social Justice Ministry: Foundations and Concerns
Robert L. Kinast, pp. 381–382

Shorter Notices
pp. 383–398

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