A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1986

Harper’s Bible Dictionary
Daniel J. Harrington S.J., pp. 300–301

Bibliographie biblique, Biblical Bibliography, Biblische Bibliographie, Bibliografia biblica, Bibliografía Bíblica 3: 1930–1983
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 301–303

The Gospel according to Luke (X–XXIV)
Robert J. Karris O.F.M., pp. 303–304

Anthropology in Theological Perspective
Elizabeth A. Johnson C.S.J., pp. 304–306

Offense to Reason: The Theology of Sin
Richard M. Gula S.S., pp. 306–308

An Alternative Vision: An Interpretation of Liberation Theology
John P. Hogan, pp. 308–309

Theologies of the Body: Humanist and Christian
Edward D. Vacek S.J., pp. 309–310

The Church, the Bishop in the Church
Donald J. Grimes C.S.C., pp. 310–311

The Ratzinger Report: An Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church
John Jay Hughes, pp. 311–314

Between God and Caesar: Priests, Sisters and Political Office in the United States
John A. Coleman S.J., pp. 314–316

“To See Ourselves as others See Us”: Christians, Jews, “Others” in Late Antiquity
Daniel J. Harrington S.J., pp. 316–318

Church History: Twenty Centuries of Catholic Christianity
Donald J. Grimes C.S.C., pp. 318–319

Beginning to Read the Fathers
Joseph T. Lienhard S.J., pp. 319–320

Das anthropologische Modell: Ein Beitrag zur Christologie der frühen Kirche bis Chalkedon
Michael Slusser , pp. 320–322

Christologie et spiritualité selon saint Augustin: L’Hymne aux Philippiens
William C. Marceau C.S.B., pp. 322–323

The Calabrian Abbot: Joachim of Fiore in the History of Western Thought
Donald F. Duclow, pp. 323–325

The Renaissance in Rome
Nelson H. Minnich, pp. 325–328

Luther’s Theology of the Cross: Martin Luther’s Theological Breakthrough
Paul Misner, pp. 328–329

Jesus in European Protestant Thought 1778–1860
John P. Galvin, pp. 329–330

The Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
John D. Godsey, pp. 330–331

Historia general de la Iglesia en América Latina 6: América Central
Jeffrey Gros F.S.C., pp. 332–333

Faith and Ethics: Recent Roman Catholicism
James P. Hanigan, pp. 333–334

Formative Spirituality 2: Human Formation
William J. Sneck S.J., pp. 334–336

Foundations for a Practical Theology of Ministry, Polity and Praxis: A Program for American Practical Theology
Robert L. Kinast, pp. 336–339

Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life
Michael J. Kerlin, pp. 339–341

Shorter Notices
pp. 341–356

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