A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1999

1 Samuel
Fred L. Moriarty S.J., pp. 346–347

The Historical Jesus: A Comprehensive Guide
Craig A. Evans, pp. 347–348

The Gospel of John
William S. Kurz S.J., pp. 349–350

The Theology of Paul the Apostle
Thomas H. Tobin S.J., pp. 350–352

The Revelation of God and/as Human Reception in the New Testament
John Topel S.J., pp. 352–353

Feminist Interpretation: The Bible in Women’s Perspective
Carolyn Osiek R.S.C.J., pp. 353–355

Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus
Anthony J. Saldarini, pp. 355–356

Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society ca. 500–1100
Marie Anne Mayeski, pp. 357–358

Abelard: A Medieval Life
Carlos M. N. Eire, pp. 358–359

Jews and Christians in the Life and Thought of Hugh of St. Victor
Wanda Zemler-Cizewski, pp. 360–361

The Flowering of Mysticism: Men and Women in the New Mysticism—1200–1350
Harvey D. Egan S.J., pp. 361–363

The History of Theology 3: The Renaissance
William V. Hudon, pp. 363–365

The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision
Albert J. Loomie S.J., pp. 365–366

The Rhetoric of the Reformation
James J. Murphy, pp. 366–368

Reformed Confessions: Theology from Zurich to Barmen
Donald K. McKim, pp. 368–369

La Condamnation des livres coperniciens et sa révocation à la lumière de documents inédits des Congrégations de l’Index et de l’Inquisition
William A. Wallace O.P., pp. 369–371

The Unread Vision: The Liturgical Movement in the United States of America, 1926–1955
Kevin W. Irwin, pp. 371–372

The History of an Obsession: German Judeophobia and the Holocaust
Richard W. Rolfs S.J., pp. 373–374

(God) after Auschwitz: Tradition and Change in Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought
Donald J. Dietrich, pp. 374–375

After Our Likeness: The Church as the Image of the Trinity
Jaroslav Z. Skira, pp. 376–377

Friends of God and Prophets: A Feminist Theological Reading of the Communion of Saints
Michael J. Himes, pp. 377–379

Ethical and Religious Thought in Analytic Philosophy of Language
Roberto Dell’Oro, pp. 379–380

The Ethics of War
John R. Popiden, pp. 381–382

Cultivating Wholeness: A Guide to Care and Counseling in Faith Communities
William J. Sneck S.J., pp. 382–383

Shorter Notices
pp. 384–398

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