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Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 2000

Proverbs: A Commentary
Roland E. Murphy O.Carm., pp. 348–349

The Ethos of the Cosmos: The Genesis of Moral Imagination in the Bible
Dianne Bergant C.S.A., pp. 349–351

Josephus’s Interpretation of the Bible
John C. Endres S.J., pp. 351–353

Jesus of Nazareth: Millenarian Prophet
Joseph Plevnik S.J., pp. 353–354

New Testament Christology
Paul E. Ritt, pp. 354–355

The Didache: A Commentary
Maxwell E. Johnson, pp. 355–357

The Chair of Saint Peter: A History of the Papacy
Donald J. Grimes C.S.C., pp. 357–358

Paulinus of Nola: Life, Letters, and Poems
William Harmless S.J., pp. 358–360

Contra Marcellum: Marcellus of Ancyra and Fourth-Century Theology
Gerard H. Ettlinger S.J., pp. 360–361

The Ground of Union: Deification in Aquinas and Palamas
John Chryssavgis, pp. 361–363

Le Christ en ses mystères: La vie et l’oeuvre de Jésus selon saint Thomas d’Aquin 1
Romanus Cessario O.P., pp. 363–364

Handling Sin: Confession in the Middle Ages
James Dallen, pp. 364–366

Treasures from the Storeroom: Medieval Religion and the Eucharist
John H. McKenna C.M., pp. 366–367

Ecclesia—Non Est Civitas Platonica”: Antworten katholischer Kontroverstheologen des 16. Jahrhunderts auf Martin Luthers Anfrage an die “Sichtbarkeit” der Kirche
Paul J. Langsfeld , pp. 367–369

Judging the French Reformation: Heresy Trials by Sixteenth-Century Parlements
Thomas Worcester S.J., pp. 369–370

Perfectionist Politics: Abolitionism and the Religious Tensions of American Democracy
Peter A. Huff, pp. 371–372

Roman Catholicism in America
Clyde F. Crews, pp. 372–373

Indiscretion: Finitude and the Naming of God
Thomas Guarino, pp. 373–375

Living Words: Studies in Dialogues over Religion
Frederick J. McGinness, pp. 375–377

Deus Trinitas: The Doctrine of the Triune God
Paul D. Molnar, pp. 377–379

Jesus, Symbol of God
Dermot A. Lane, pp. 379–381

The Shaping of Rationality: Towards Interdisciplinarity in Theology and Science
John F. Haught, pp. 381–383

By Nature Equal: The Anatomy of a Western Insight
Gregory J. O’Meara S.J., pp. 383–384

Power, Value, and Conviction: Theological Ethics in the Postmodern Age
James F. Keenan S.J., pp. 384–386

Shorter Notices
pp. 386–400

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