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Reviews & Shorter Notices -May 2003

Josephus’ Story of the Later Monarchy (AJ 9, 1–10, 185)
Fabian E. Udoh, pp. 398–399

Pasión y Pascua de Jesús según san Marcos: Del texto a la vida
Elliott C. Maloney O.S.B., pp. 399–401

Jesus and the Village Scribes: Galilean Conflicts and the Setting of Q
Craig A. Evans, pp.401–402

Acts: The Gospel of the Spirit
Luke Timothy Johnson, pp. 402–404

Justification and Variegated Nomism: A Fresh Appraisal of Paul and Second Temple Judaism. Volume 1, the Complexities of Second Temple Judaism
Paul J. Achtemeier, pp. 404–405

Messiah and the Throne: Jewish Merkabah Mysticism and Early Christian Exaltation Discourse
Bernard P. Prusak, pp.405–407

Earliest Christianity to 1453. Volume 1 of History of the World Christian Movement
Thomas M. Izbicki, 407–409

Le Christ de Saint Augustin: La Patrie et la voie
John C. Cavadini, pp. 409–411

Metamorphosis and Identity
Stephen Schloesser S.J., pp.411–413

The Spiritual Franciscans: From Protest to Persecution in the Century after Saint Francis
Brigid O’shea Merriman O.S.F., pp.413–414

The Early Humanist Reformation, 1250–1500. Volume 2 of the Concept of Woman
Joan Mueller, pp. 414–416

Gnostic Return in Modernity
Michael J. Kerlin, pp.416–417

A History of Canadian Catholics: Gallicanism, Romanism, and Canadianism, the First Thousand Years: A Brief History of the Catholic Church in Canada
Gerald J. Stortz, pp.417–419

To Work for the Whole People: John Ireland’s Seminary in St. Paul
Patrick W. Carey, pp.419–421

Christian Tradition Today: A Postliberal Vision of Church and World
James J. Buckley, pp.421–422

The Ontological and Psychological Constitution of Christ
Charles Hefling, pp.422–424

Sic et non: Encountering Dominus Iesus
Michael Amaladoss S.J., pp. 424–425

No Bloodless Myth: A Guide through Balthasar’s Dramatics
Larry Chapp, pp.425–427

The Systematic Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar: An Irenaean Retrieval
Edward T. Oakes S.J., pp.427–428

Hindu God, Christian God: How Reason Helps Break down the Boundaries between Religions
Peter Slater, pp. 429–430

The Ethics of Aquinas
William C. Spohn, pp. 430–432

Moral Acquaintances: Methodology in Bioethics
Maura A. Ryan ,pp.432–434

Being Human, Ethics, Environment and Our Place in the World
Anne M. Clifford ,pp.434–435

Misbegotten Anguish: A Theology and Ethics of Violence
Patricia Beattie Jung, pp.436–437

Catholic Social Teaching, 1891—Present: A Historical, Theological, and Ethical Analysis
David Hollenbach S.J. pp. 437–438

Shorter Notices

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